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In Loving Memory Of My Father

July 15, 1941 – January 28, 2011

Father…..You Live With Me Inside My Heart

Father…..No One Else Could Ever Take Your Spot

Though We’re Not Together…..We’re Never Apart

Father You Live…..Deep Inside My Heart

MMPA Honors Eric “EZ” Zuley

The Multicultural Motion Picture Association proudly presents “HOLLYWOOD PRE-GRAMMY BENEFIT KICKOFF” on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at The Celebrity Centre, Garden Pavillion from 7 P.M.-10 P.M. MMPA will be honoring ERIC ZULEY aka EZ for his dynamic and philanthropic contributions in Hollywood and the entertainment industry. There will be live entertainment by Destenne, Tionne Williams, Lil Jordan and Misha Rose with an explosive fashion show feating trhe latest fashions from Bebe, Rouge Clothing by Donna Melikian and Tutto Italy Connections. Sponsored by Sophisticated Stones. This is an exclusive,” Invitation Only” Benefit. Proceeds will benefit the American Society of Young Musicians (ASYM). ASYM is committed to the education and enrichment of America’s young musicians in providing various programs such as Mentoring and Leadership Programs, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Referral and Support and Development Fund. For more information contact: Betrice Coleman-Sweet, email: or call: 562-9161.

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Earlier this month we witnessed a tragic shooting in Tucson, AZ, leaving 6 dead, and 20 others — including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords — injured. While rhetoric from the far-fight that feeds distrust and hatred towards our politicians (especially among the mentally ill) needs to be called out and countered, another factor jumps out. Someone like Jared Lee Loughner should never have been able to buy a gun.

We already have laws that make it illegal for criminals and the mentally ill to purchase guns. But a broken background check system and wide enforcement loopholes — kept in place by the gun lobby and the National Rifle Association (NRA) — have made it difficult to keep guns out of the wrong hands. It’s time to close these gaps once and for all. You can help.

Please join us, along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns and others, in making it clear to politicians that everyday Americans support common sense reform and will stand with them if they lead in keeping guns from the most dangerous among us; and please ask your friends and family to join as well. It takes just a moment:

Two commonsense reforms could prevent future tragedies. First, we should ensure that all the names of people who should be prohibited from buying a gun are entered into the background check system. Then we must close the loopholes that allow people to purchase guns with no background check at all. It sounds easy — but the powerful gun lobby, led by the NRA, has stood in opposition.

The attempted assassination of a member of Congress has frightening implications for our political culture that we should take very seriously. But we should also take this moment to remember that dozens of ordinary people are murdered with guns every day.

It’s a problem that everyone should care about solving — but it disproportionately affects Black, poor, and other disadvantaged communities. Black men are 9 times more likely than white men to be murdered with guns. In too many Black communities across the country, gun violence is a constant danger.

The danger is fueled by the easy availability of guns for those who are legally prohibited from possessing them. And it is so easy for dangerous people to puchase guns because of deep flaws in the systems meant to prevent this from ever occurring. One problem is that those who should be prohibited from buying guns, such as felons and the mentally ill, don’t always make it into the federal background check database. That means gun stores who are trying to follow the law may inadvertently sell guns to dangerous people.

But perhaps more troubling, there are huge loopholes in the law that allow people to bypass background checks altogether. For instance, in the well-known “gun show loophole,” anyone can purchase deadly automatic weapons — weapons designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible — from a gun show with no background check whatsoever.

If any lesson is to be taken from the tragic events in Tucson, it is that these gaps can have deadly consequences. Now, with growing public support for change, there is a unique opportunity to strengthen America’s gun laws to keep these weapons out of the wrong hands.

Please stand with us and our partners at Mayors Against Illegal Guns in asking Congress to do just that. And when you do, please ask your friends and family to do the same.

Thanks and Peace,

— James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Natasha and the rest of the team
January 25th, 2011

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Lacy —

It was two years ago today that Barack and I were sworn in, and I remember what he said like it was this morning:

“The challenges we face are real, they are serious, and they are many. They will not be met easily or in a short span of time. But know this, America: They will be met.”

Even then, we knew it would take time. We knew it would be hard. And we knew we would sometimes make mistakes.

But we did not lose sight of what we came to do.

Together, we took on difficult issues that had been put off for decades. And some say we have accomplished more in two years than any administration since Roosevelt’s.

Take it from me, that’s something you should take to heart — because none of it would have been possible without your hard work.

But the job’s not done.

I am reminded of that every time I travel to the small towns in Pennsylvania, Iowa, New Mexico — all over — and on the weekends I get home to Delaware. I meet folks who are still struggling, who want to know when the recovery will start to turn things around for their family.

These people are why we can’t quit.

And moving forward with this new Congress, we will need to defend what we’ve achieved together as aggressively as we pursue the goals that remain.

I believe in the power of public service because I’ve seen what it has done throughout our country’s history to combat social and economic injustice. And I am proud to say it’s a story that continues in the remarkable progress we’ve made in the past two years. To tell it, Organizing for America has written Promises Kept.

Take a look at the Promises Kept report of all the work we’ve done in two years — you can download a copy or have a few sent to you to share with friends.

There’s a whole lot to be proud of.

Of course, the big ones come to mind first: historic health insurance reform, which is reining in the insurance companies and helping control the cost of care for millions of Americans; Wall Street reform, which put in place the toughest consumer protections ever; and the end of combat operations in Iraq, which brought more than 100,000 troops home.

And there is so much more you’ve helped achieve that is right now improving lives across the country:

— We passed the Recovery Act, which saved and created more than 3 million jobs, provided the largest middle-class tax cut in a generation, and made landmark investments in clean energy, infrastructure, and education.

— We made critical investments in General Motors and Chrysler, saving tens of thousands of jobs — and perhaps the companies — and spurring a rebirth of the American car industry.

— We wrote into law student loan reform and credit card reform, which ended the worst abuses of the banking industries and are making lending fair for American families.

— We put two new Supreme Court justices on the bench — Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, who bring rich and diverse experience to the Court.

— We have begun to reset America’s relationship with the international community, from the ratification of a new START nuclear arms treaty with Russia to tough new sanctions on Iran to strengthening our long-term partnership with a unified Iraq.

— And we finally repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which was the right thing to do — not only because it makes our military stronger at a time when it needs to be the strongest, but because we are seeking that military might with an abiding sense of justice.

Telling the story of the past two years will be critical to the fights ahead. And it’s not just the story of this president or this White House — it’s your story.

And it is literally proof that the organizing you do on the ground — the conversations you have with your friends and neighbors — is working.

Now, I’m not going to say the last two years were easy — and I won’t tell you the fights ahead are going to get any easier.

But I didn’t sign up for a cake walk. And I’m pretty sure you didn’t either.

We’re here to move our country forward. We’re here to lay a new foundation for this country — for our economy, for our politics, and for our children’s and grandchildren’s futures.

And, as Barack says, what we will be able to accomplish together is in your hands.

It’s how hard we all work, and how well we all tell this story.

Take a few minutes to read Promises Kept — and let’s keep moving:

Thanks for everything,


Hydrogen peroxide in the ears for the flu and colds?

Although it would appear to contradict what we are taught about the flu and colds, many people have tried hydrogen peroxide in the ears with great success. Hydrogen peroxide works quite well and is supposed to be effective about 4 times out of 5, especially if done when the symptoms first appear.

In 1928, Dr. Richard Simmons, hypothesized that colds and flu virus enter our bodies through the ear canal. It was Dr. Simmons’ hypothesis that, contrary to what we have been taught, we usually can catch the two via the ear canal and not through the eyes or nose or mouth as most of us believe. Dr. Simmons’ findings were dismissed by the medical community.
According to Dr. Simmons, keeping your fingers out of our ears will greatly reduce our chances of catching colds and the flu, but we need to keep in mind that these 2 are microscopic and can be air-born and may land on/in our ears. Once these microscopic bodies have entered the inner-ear, they then begin to breed, and from there they have access to every avenue throughout our bodies to travel, and infect and make us sick.
hydrogen peroxide in ear

Remarkable results can be achieved in curing colds and the flu within 12-14 hours when we administer a few drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) into each ear. The H2O2 starts working within 2-3 minutes in killing the cold or flu. There will be some bubbling and in some cases mild stinging might occur. I do this myself and I can assure you that it is not painful in any way. It tickles more than anything.

Wait until the bubbling subsides – usually a few minutes – then drain onto a tissue and repeat with the other ear.

Although this practice is perfectly safe for infants and children to use, the loud bubbling and stinging may frighten them, and they will need someone they trust to put the hydrogen peroxide in their ears. DO NOT get hydrogen peroxide in the eyes – if you do, flush with water.

Many people have also successfully used the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution in ears packed with wax, to help loosen it up after it has been soaked with oil for a few minutes (any oil will do, olive oil usually works best).

Courage Campaign

Dianne Feinstein, the senior senator from California, has been an opponent of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” since 1993. Please read an urgent message below from Sen. Feinstein on this new threat to full repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and why we’re coming together to focus on real priorities.

Rick Jacobs
Chair, Courage Campaign

Dear Lacy:

Last month, I proudly cast my vote to repeal the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, which I have opposed since it was first introduced in 1993. President Obama signed that bill into law, and it’s now on the path to implementation.

So imagine my disappointment today when I learned California Congressman Duncan Hunter is introducing legislation that would paralyze repeal efforts.

Rep. Hunter knows his legislation has no chance of success. Should it pass the House, it will never be approved by the Senate or signed by the President.

Worse, this effort is a distraction from the real work at hand. California is faced with an unemployment rate of 12.4%, a crushing budget shortfall, alarming health insurance rate hikes, crumbling infrastructure and a broken immigration system. Now is not the time for distractions that have no chance of becoming law.

Will you join me and the Courage Campaign in asking your member of Congress to reject this legislation, and instead focus on real priorities for Californians and the rest of America?

I was proud to co-sponsor of the bill that repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” last month. As President Obama said upon signing repeal, “This is done.”

He’s right. This issue is settled. It’s time to move on to address what California needs, not look backwards to derail equality.

We need to get our economy moving here in California. As your Senator, I’ve always made that my top priority. Immigration reform, building smart infrastructure like high-speed rail that creates good-paying jobs, and helping small businesses succeed are also at the top of my list.

I think those are priorities that we can all agree upon.

Let’s ask the rest of my colleagues from both parties to come together on this. Join me and the Courage Campaign in calling upon your member of Congress to reject this divisive distraction, and focus on getting California and the rest of our nation moving again.

The stakes couldn’t be higher — and we don’t have time to waste.


Dianne Feinstein

Organizing For America :O)

Lacy —

On Tuesday, January 25th, President Obama will deliver his second State of the Union address.

This speech will mark the start of a new chapter for this movement. 2011 will be a year of building on our past work for a stronger economy and a brighter future, while also protecting the progress we’ve made reforming our health insurance system, reining in the big banks on Wall Street, and more.

To help get the word out about the President’s vision for the next year, OFA volunteers will be holding State of the Union watch parties and strategy sessions across the country — and if we’re going to have enough events in enough places, we’ll need your help.

Will you host a State of the Union watch party?

Host a State of the Union watch party — get started now.

The President’s speech will be a great chance for us all to get fired up about jobs, health reform, and everything else 2011 has in store. That means it’s important that we have as many folks watching in as many communities as possible — which is why we need you to host a State of the Union watch party, including a strategy session for planning local action.

Hosting an OFA event has never been easier. You can hold your party at home, or you can use a community space if local regulations allow it. All you have to do is fill out a quick form, and we’ll set up the online event and send you everything you need to do the rest.

I’m hoping, as one of our top supporters, that you’ll step up and give folks in your neighborhood a place to watch the speech together and help plan what comes next for defending our progress on health reform and more.

Sign up here to host a State of the Union watch party and strategy session on Tuesday, January 25th:



Jeremy Bird
Deputy Director
Organizing for America

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