Mr. Ritch Esra, Publisher/Editor – The Music Business Registry

Ritch Esra

“The Uncle Earl’s Xmas Presence” Featuring Mr. Ritch Esra, Publisher/Editor – The Music Business Registry

In today’s show, Uncle Earl let’s it all hang out in the romp through the Winter Wonderland of Music and Business. My special guest, Ritch Esra, drops some knowledge regarding the direction of the Entertainment Industry, how the Artists can survive during this transitory period, the influence of Technology on the Business and new developments to look out for.

 Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):

Teri Tobin, Wax Audio & George W. Bush Jr., Zak Zuul ft. The Uncle Earl, Jennifer Paige,

Ron Aven, Stay foolish aka IO Hustle, Ed Munter, Ra-Sool ft. Naomi, Sava Boric ft. The Uncle Earl,

Plastic Jesus, Ava DuPree, Thomas Rhyant, Trevor Sewell, Elias Djota ft. Mos Def, Don Ray Mad, Dwayne Tyree ft. Shannon, Sandra Reaves-Phillips, Jervallo, Eye-Spy, Hosny, Bryce Hitchcock, Jon Kennedy Federation, Wally Holmes ft. Miguelli, DJ Juan Madrid ft. Thane (Carlos Kinn Remix), Matt Newton, Laurel Moore.

 Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade, Metal Postcard Records, Musik & Film, Big Bull Records, Ritch Esra & The Music Business Registry, Marishka Shanice Phillips, Donald Tyler.

 Air Date 12/21/15

Broadcast #258

Duration 2:14:43