Uncle Earl & Karine Hits The Town!

Last night Uncle Earl & Karine Da Silva (New Singing Sensation – Earl Hitz Records/Unisoul Records & Productions)
Dropped It Cause It’s HOT On The Red Carpet at Roscoe’s Media Center Studios in Hollywood for Eric “EZ” Zuley’s
Birthday Celebration and at LA Talk Radio for “Sports & Life withCameron Datzker! IT IS SO ON Y’ALL……LOL :O))
Uncle earl & karine Close-Up
Karine Front
Mel's Diner with Cameron & Crew
Uncle Earl & Karine
Karine Back
Saturday, Mar 29, 2014
Has the perfect career suddenly materialized out of nowhere, Pisces? If so, don’t write it off as being too good to be true. It’s very, very real! Take a few days to consider all your options and all possible contingencies. Talk to people who know the ins and outs of the field. If everything seems favorable, go for it. Such an opportunity may not come around again for a long time.