Memorial Day with Bright Blue Gorilla

Michael & Robyn 25th Anniversary

“Uncle Earl & The Ultimate Underground Experience Celebrates

Memorial Day with Bright Blue Gorilla”

In today’s show, join Uncle Earl and his guests

Michael Glover & Robyn Rosencrantz aka Bright Blue Gorilla!

May 19, 2015 was a very special anniversary for them,

it’s the 25th anniversary of their lives as artists, as Bright Blue Gorilla.

We also salute and pay tribute to all the services who keep us safe

and allow us to enjoy our freedom and follow our passions through music!

Musical Artists:

Baby Face, Todd Curry, Bright Bue Gorilla, Michael & Madelyn Souder with Tussy Elementary School,

Bryan Adams, Ray Charles, Whitney Houston, Beyond The Rim, Chuck Israel,

The Rent Party Troubadours, Beverley Knight, Mitch Harris

Special Thanks:

Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Barbara Beach, MusicXray,

Mike McCready,Donald Tyler, The Akademia Music Awards

Broadcast # 243

Duration 1:39:06

Date 5/26/15