“New York Underground Special” Featuring REVOLVING ONE & AVANT DUEL!


Revolving One was created in the summer of 2010 to bring fresh new music, a mix of modern rock with pop melody. This new band includes Brother/Sister combo Deb (vox) Mario (Guitar), Julio (Bass,Keys) and Manny (Drums) all hailing NYC.

Releasing their single called “Lucky” in early 2011 they just finished completing their EP called “Love Or Another Kind Of Hunger” produced by Rob Freeman @ The Pilot Studio. It’s been greatly received by fans, and the songs such as Lonely Man, Out to Get Me, and Our Days are described as an exciting blend of rock and pop. It’s easy to say that overall the songs have a compelling, “in your face” fresh sound.

Unsigned but Unwavered, they have been touring through out the northeast giving their fans a brand new taste of music. They are counting on their endless dedication, patience, upbeat songs, and their unbridled artistic spirit to go farther than the road can take them.


VON LMO (pronounced VON ELMO) is an extraterrestrial hybrid. He was teleported to the planet Earth thousands of years ago from the distant star Strazar. He has been reincarnated many times over in the form of a human being. He is a 21st century visionary, a Master Musician & Artist, a Professor of the Avant Garde & Surrealism. He is an advanced writer of Metaphysics & Advisor of the Universe. The DAILY NEWS called VON a NY institution. He is one of the founding fathers of No Wave & Industrial Music & one of the first to use Power Tools on Instruments as a source of Sound & Visuals. JULIAN COPE declared his work as Genius. He is currently living in Harlem & in the process of building an Anti-Matter Generator, which will create Supersonic Fuel for the use of traveling through the Wormholes in Space. VON LMO created all artwork on this website in collaboration w/ Otto’s colorization process. Watch for availability of these designs on T-shirts & posters in the near future.

Otto von Ruggins, self-proclaimed Master of the Unheard Øf, first played synthesizer at Shea Stadium during the Avant Garde Festival in 1974. His sounds attracted such crowds that he describes the effect as feeding pigeons. He put out an EP, Movie Viewers, that came w/ 4D glasses & a double groove, which included videos too hot for MTV back in 1980. Otto’s eclectic arsenal of hard & soft synths provides a plethora of aural artillery which they use together to produce their new Cosmic sound.

Most recently, Hello Music has declared in a six page pdf file review of their Parallel Universe masterpiece that AVANT DUEL is “…on the cusp of greatness” and that our “music is its own art form” with comparisons to Daft Punk, Kraftwerk & The Pet Shop Boys. All that & they haven’t even seen the video for the song, which you can see NOW!

Episode 104