In today’s show, meet our new correspondent from “Down Under” Willow, who will bring us arts and entertainment from Australia. Also featured, is an up close and personal chat with Lydia “Lady Boss” Harris, ex-partner of Death Row Records and her new artist Ieshia ft. Snoop Dogg. This week we introduce the seductive sounds of Claude Hall who will be appearing at The Gardenia Supper Club in Hollywood on Thursday, April 9th. Something for everyone guaranteed!

Musical Artists: Central Line ft. Linton Beckles, Garth Adams, Willow, First Ladies Of Disco (Evelyn King, Martha Wash, Linda Clifford), Dr. Dre, Tupac, Lady Of Rage, Eazy-E, Calvin Harris, Sophill, Claude Hall, Scott Huckabay, Ieshis ft, Snoop Dogg, Dee Costa.


Broadcast # 236

Air date 4.6.15

Duration 1:55:17