“Uncle Earl’s 5th Anniversary International Birthday Celebration!”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “Uncle Earl’s 5th Anniversary International Birthday Celebration!”

In today’s show, celebrate the birthday and 5th anniversary of everybody’s favorite, “Uncle Earl”, as he invites You to come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy, as he navigates a Tour De France return to the airwaves, leaping across musical boundaries and landscapes from around the world. On this very special 2 hour voyage, you will come to understand, “Voice Of The People.”

Special Guests: Mike McCready (CEO/Founder) Music Xray, Sirron Crawford (CEO) Skyboxx Empire Entertainment, Rap Artist/Actor XII, Fashion Designer Tracy Watson (AL),  Barbara Beach (Chief Content Producer) Radioactive Broadcasting Company and Spotlight Artist/Model Eman Woah (LA).

Musical Artists: Project Preatorian ft. Uncle Earl (Holland), Brooke Nickerson (UK), Ian Bel (Norway), Jasmine Crowe (Hawaii/LA), Ken “Jazzthym” Hiwatashi (Tokyo, Japan), Bryan Art (Kingston,Jamaica), Rebecca Stephens (Canada/NYC), Miratti (Missouri), Cloud Hex (Australia), XII (Atlanta), Jorell ft. Keven Mahynaman & Lartiste (Paris, France), Jake Aldrige ft. Amy Clarke (UK), The Blues Spice (LA), Sheldon Botler (Seattle/LA), Sheryl Diane (Montana), Sounds Soundsinsane (Italy/Miami).

Broadcast # 230

Duration 1:57:44

Air Date 2/24/15