UNCLE EARL & The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “WOMEN, TECHNOLOGY & ROCK”

Now The Fun Begins…….Recently, I Attended The Fall Digital Hollywood Summit And Boy Did I Fill Up The Tool Chest….However…..When I Opened Said Tool Box, I Realized That I Had A Couple Missing Treasures Laying There From The Spring Digital Hollywood Summit!


The 1st Installment Features Actress/Writer/Producer/Entrepreneur/Inventor/Philanthropist

Ms. Anna Wilding!

Hell…..I Just Call Her The Slash, Slash, Slash Lady LOL…..She Does It ALL And Very Well……….


Also Featured Is High Energy Rock Band “RIVET”….One Night After The Summit, I Stopped By Molly Malone’s for Their “Insane Halloween Rock Show”…..It Was BANANAS….The Crowd Was Literally Bouncing Off The Walls And So was the Band hahahahaha :O))


Musical Artists: Wem, Black Star+Kriswontwo, Antonio Carlos Jobim+Elis Regina, El De Barge Jr., Impuria, Rivet, Vintage Cigars, Soja, Poldoore, Ari Hest!


Special Thanks:  Music Xray, Sound Cloud, Green Hitz, Noisetrade, Reverbnation, Mp3waxx,

Skyboxx Empire, KLED Live FM, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce!


Air Date:   10/31/13 


Broadcast # 202


Duration: 0:59:51