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THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE Presents  MR.. JAMES ARENA & “The First Ladies of Disco”- the BOOK

James AD

Alright Ladies & Gentlemen…..Get Ready For A Retro Trip Back In Time While Moving Forward!



James & I will guide you carefully through this journey….AND there will be a surprise call from one of these amazing women….hmmmmm :O))



I May Have Included a Few Extra Ladies But We Are All Family……RIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



Musical Artists Include: Anita Ward, Evelyn Thomas, Hazell Dean, Suzi Lane, Chic feat. Norma Jean Wright, Andrea True Connection, Miquel Brown, Linda Clifford, Jeanie Tracy, Audrey Landers, Madleen Kane, Patti Brooks, First Choice feat. Rochelle Fleming, Michael Zager! 



James is a Native New Yorker/Author of FRIGHT NIGHT ON CHANNEL 9 (published 2011) which is anextensive study of New York’s WOR-TV horror film programming. He has worked 19 years for the  direct marketing division ofBertelsmann (BMG Direct/Columbia House -now owned by Direct Brands, Inc.) and is Editor of THE STREET, a music magazine published by the eastcoast Record World retail chain.

“The First Ladies of Disco ”

This one-of-a-kind book features interviews with 32 iconic female vocalists of the disco era from Claudja Barry to Gloria Gaynor to Martha Wash and both incarnations of The Ritchie Family! A fascinating discussion of that great time when great dance music dominated the airwaves and clubs! The book will focus on their recording accomplishments, career highlights, reminiscences and the maturing philosophies of the women who kept a generation moving to a high energy beat! In addition, numerous famous industry pros including the Village People’s Felipe Rose, remixer Tom Moulton and British dance diva Hazell Dean offer commentary! This is the ONLY book of its kind! Releases late Spring 2013. Available now to pre-order on Amazon.

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OUT NOW!!! A #1 selection on Amazon’s Hot & New chart, this book now features 32 original female disco stars in original interviews! 


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Air Date:  7/1/13

Broadcast # 184

Duration: 1:00:15