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“New Media & New Music”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “New Media & New Music”

A couple of weeks ago, Damian Pellicione invited Uncle Earl to the 5th Anniversary Celebration of New Media Vault and Pre-Oscar Party at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

The Station Lounge was packed with a wide array of interesting guests from the Entertainment Industry, as well as, people from other notable industries.

You will be hearing from attendees, sponsors and the host himself

I will also be breaking new music form around the world and sharing an excerpt from “Own Your Dreams” by John C. Maxwell…………….


Marianna, Steven Sievers, Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, Abby, Samuel Culver, Christian Ijin Link, Ricky Nicks, AXA Financial Advisors, Bill “Nu Spin Music” Watford, Kisha Lockett, Shawn J., Emmanuel, Justin Torbati, Damian Pellicione!

Musical Artists:

Mary Mary & Don Floss, DJ Adam J ft. Amelle & Nightcrashers, Passenger, DJ Mawely ft. Thane, Alive Way ft. Justinas Stanislovatis, Angelique Sabrina, Ben DJ!


Air Date:  3/17/14 


Broadcast # 212