The Underground Experience Presents “People & Voices Of The City”


Monday 8/27/12  9am – 10am (PST) & 9pm – 10pm (PST) at


The Underground Experience Presents “People & Voices Of The City”


Features Include:

Performers – Dance Crew “Outta Da Box” with Kim Weiss (Teacher), Robert Watkins & Host – Ryan Beard From “It’s A Talented Summer At Park La Brea” Produced by Richard Winter-Stanbridge/Wintershaw Enterprises.


One of the most entertaining live VARIETY SHOWS you will ever see… IT’S A TALENTED SUMMER AT PARK LA BREA has three different rounds on Wednesdays throughout August (1, 8, 15) and the Final on Aug. 22nd all starting at 7.30 pm. We have a fabulous line-up of Contestants, all with phenomenal talent, who will compete for a place in the final, where they have a chance to get their hands on $600 worth of total prize money, plus their own one night special show at the Park La Brea Theater! The show is being judged by three top professional judges and hosted by one of the best hosts to ever leave Britain… Ryan Beard along with last year’s prize winner Taylor Allyn! Audience participation and voting is crucial to the outcome and so you are encouraged to attend as many of the shows as possible! With tickets at only $10 each, or $30 each for the 4 shows, this has to be one of the most attractive entertainments this Summer.


Also Another Installment Of The Artist In Music Awards Summer Showcase Finale in The Voodoo Lounge at The House Of Blues Presented by Mikey Jayy.


The Artists In Music Awards was created to honor and recognize the best independent music artists from around the world in multiple categories.


What sets us apart?


Our integrity. The Artists In Music Awards isn’t a members only club. Artists do not have to subscribe to anything, nor does the artist need to be an exclusive member to participate. You do not need a million fans on your Facebook page. More importantly, you do not need to pay thousands of dollars to stand out. We strictly look at your product. That product is your music. We recognize and honor the best of the best.


More about the Artists In Music Awards:


Coming off the inaugural Artist In Music Awards event, we trekked in an unprecedented 1,375 people in attendance. Initially, we only anticipated 600 and hoped to bring in 800. The turn out far exceeded our expectations.


With our first awards show on our belt, we are diligently working on the 2013 Artists In Music Awards. Only this year, we will make 2013 even better.


Come join us on February 8, 2013 for one of the biggest music events in independent music right here in Hollywood, CA as The Great Unknowns Presents will be showcasing the 2013 Artists In Music Awards!



Musical Artists Include: Andy Mitchell, Katrina Wreede, Michael Moore, Fretless, Hampton Hawes, Urban Legendz ft. Teresa Jenee, David Geftakys, Melanie Taylor, Glitter Rose, Imani Chyle!


Broadcast # 135A


Air Date: Monday 8/27/12  9am – 10am (PST) & 9pm – 10pm (PST) at


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Podcast will be available on iTunes. Podomatic and Website!

It’s A Talented Summer at Park La Brea

Richard Winter-Stanbridge

Ryan Beard – Host/Producer

“Outta Da Box” Dance Crew

Kim Weiss – Teacher/Choreographer

Robert Watkins & Sheldon


AIM Finale

Uncle Earl & Mikey Jayy

David Geftakys

Melanie Taylor

Glitter Rose

Andy Mitchell

Katrina Wreede

Michael Moore


Urban Legendz

Teresa Jenee

Imani Chyle