Wed 11/16 & Thurs 11/17 – The Underground Experience Presents “The Divine Ms. Devin Ford!” Photographer, Activist & Filmmaker

Wed 11/16 & Thurs 11/17 – The Underground Experience Presents “The Divine Ms. Devin Ford!” Photographer, Activist & Filmmaker

The Divine Devin Ford From “LA”…to LA. At age 5, Devin Ford tagged along with her mother to a photography class in her native Grand Bay, Alabama. Even at that early age, the experience ignited a passion for photography that still burns today. Photography is very much a part of who she is and her daily life. Not suited for small town life, Devin hid her artistic and intellectual pursuits while growing up, thinking it would alienate her from her friends. She kept her light under a bushel, as they say in the South.

Oddly enough, it was after seeing a performance of a drag queen named Venus that the 21 year old was ready to shine. Inspired by Venus’ confidence, comfort and complete self-awareness, Devin enrolled in photography classes, some 15 years after that fateful day as a little girl in class with her mom. Venus, in fact, became one of Devin’s favorite camera subjects. She was a muse to the budding photographer. Devin is currently completing a book and documentary featuring Venus and the “ladies” of B-Bob’s Club in Mobile.

 Ambitious, creative and free-thinking, Devin said goodbye to LA (Lower Alabama) and set her sights on LA (Los Angeles), where she is thriving as a professional photographer and community leader. As an artist, she is a firm believer in collaborating with the client to tell the “story” of the image she’s capturing. As a business woman, she applies her southern hospitality while anticipating and fulfilling client expectations, taking their viewpoint into account, to create images that are compelling and well-composed, be it a person, a product, or a place.

 Devin is very much a visual communicator who credits Fine Art photographer Jane Gottlieb for pushing her to pursue her dreams, and celebrity shutterbug John Russo for teaching her the business of professional photography. Devin is a graduate of The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara. She is also a West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce- Board Director, National Women’s Political Caucus LA/Westside – Board Director and co-Liaison to Women’s Groups, West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference – Steering Committee, and Ebell Wilshire Women’s Club Member. 

She lives in Hollywood with her bulldog, Dot.

Musical Artists Include: Erykah  Badu, Fern Kinney, Big Momma Thornton, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Malachi Cohen & Pele Boy  !

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Ms. Devin Ford

Devin & Ms. Venus

Erykah Badu

Fern Kinney

Big Momma Thornton

Nina Simone

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