Master Healer – Dr. Stephen Ezra West, DL, PMD* [Non-Secular] Events 5/4 & 5/5!

West Los Angeles – May 4-5th – At The Gateway

Power Heal, Zero Disease, Race For The Truth, Discover Power, & CLU events!


No one is turned away due to financial circumstances.
Everyone who can comfortably pay is expected to do so.

Your Instructor – Master Healer – Dr. Stephen Ezra West, DL, PMD* [Non-Secular]

• With over two decades of experience presenting healthy living research, Stephen has invented many new techniques and will help you live your dreams – changing your life for the better.

These events are both dynamic and unique.  You will walk away with priceless experiences at each of them.

With blessings of Clarity & Charity – Love & Light – Intelligence & Energy – Knowledge & Power!


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