The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “TRUTH, STR8 JUSTICE & THE LGBTQ WAY!”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “TRUTH, STR8 JUSTICE & THE LGBTQ WAY!”

Air Date:   Thurs., 6/12/14 @ 1PM (PST)



The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “TRUTH, STR8 JUSTICE & THE LGBTQ WAY!”




Musical Artists: Uncle Earl ft. Roach Killah & Tre Rail, Jared Huff, LaMont Wheat, Jazzmun Nichcala Crayton, J. Givens, Ricky Rebel!




The discussion is about Rights, Equality and Unity!



 LGBT Citizens of Longview, Texas requested a proclamation for their 1st Annual Pride Festival only to be met by Denial from Mayor Jay Dean, a Bible Belt Conservative!  Soon after, a letter was sent as a Band Aid but the Story & Struggle continues on………………….




Panelists: Andy Sacher, La Mont Wheat, Ken Taylor, Jimmy Isaac and Vik Verma!



Founding Director and Creative Executive – THE LAVENDER EFFECT


Andy Sacher has been visioning the future for over 25 years. In the early 1990s he was employed at Walt Disney Imagineering as a Concept Architect and Exhibit Designer.  There he conceived and developed master plans,theme park attractions and guest experiences for Disney’s Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and California Adventure.


Design and production credits that followed include educational exhibits for Port Discovery – Baltimore Children’s Museum and themed entertainment centers for Steven Spielberg’s GameWorks franchise. Andy art directed and produced numerous transmedia projects including interactive content, websites,behind the scenes video for Idealab, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, HBO, and FOX Home Video. He also conceived and produced educational games for California Academyof Sciences in San Francisco.


Respondingto Proposition 8 in 2008, Andy joined and mentored the LGBT activist organization Roots of Equality, which designed, produced, and installed an award-winning exhibit on LA’s Gay and Lesbian history. Andy received his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University, and Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. He continues to consult with museums, cultural organizations and educational institutions to develop innovative public venues and educational interactive experiences that enrich peoples lives. Go to for more information.




Consulting Advisor –THE LAVENDER EFFECT


LaMont Wheat is an international recording artist, writer, speaker, creator, humanitarian and President of LaMont Music and Founder & VP of ELAI Agency, a collaborative creative social media marketing, branding and PR concept. LaMont Wheat is co-founder of East Texas Entrepreneurs Group and is committed to being in service through the sharing of knowledge and self awareness. He is also Founder of East Texas Best, a business concept established to develop and expand consumer and business relationships in East Texas with launched RESTORE PROJECT, a national project which works with residents and city leaders to restore neglected neighborhood communities within cities across America.


He began entrepreneurship at age 14 when he created and developed award winning LaMont’s Landscape Design. He played a major role in building the nation’s first and most successful preferred services provider network during corporate tenure at Comp USA in Dallas TX and his work experiences includes information technology consultative solutions marketing and sales, business development, healthcare& fitness management, media production, on camera hosting, entertainment performing and life awareness coaching. He is a two time POSI nominated songwriter and currently writes as part of ROBA Music Publishing in Hamburg, Germany.



Executive Advisor – THE LAVENDER EFFECT


Ken Taylor has participated in LGBT events since he came out in 1985. During childhood, he lived in several foreign countries, and speaks 4 languages.  After business school, Ken joined a security firm as Manager in Southern California, and a later career change brought him into the software business.  When his marriage ended, he also left Mormonism, and began increasing his involvement in LGBTQ activities and organizations.  In 1992, Ken helped found Gamofites, a gay fathers support group, and later became their National Chair.  He received the Michael Farr Award in 2001 for his contributions, including organizing service projects, creating history journals, and publishing a how-to manual on organizing retreats.  Ken also joined the United Church Of Christ, where he was Reader and choir member for six years.  He volunteered at the G&L Center Long Beach as apre-HIV-test counselor.  Since 2009, Ken has walked with California Men’s Gatherings in AIDS Walk-LA fundraising activities, where he achieved “Star Walker” status.  At  BB INT Magazine, Ken is a contributing writer and blog membership manager.  He’s also active in other support groups such as The Ex-Mormon Foundation, and Family Fellowship for families of Mormon GLBTQs.



Jimmy Isaac, 37, is aTatum, TX, native who lives and works in Longview, TX. He’s worked in East Texas media since 1991, including broadcast journalism for the past two years.He serves as chief of the Longview newsroom for Tyler-based KYTX CBS 19, a Gannett News Agency TV station.



Vik Verma, Regional Lead, Organizing for Action — East Texas Member and Straight Ally, PFLAG Longview Chapter



Air Date:   Thurs., 6/12/14 @ 1PM (PST)



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