The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “TRUTH, STR8 JUSTICE & THE LGBTQ WAY!”

Musical Artists: Uncle Earl ft. Roach Killah & Tre Rail, Jared Huff, LaMont Wheat, Jazzmun Nichcala Crayton, J. Givens, Ricky Rebel!


The discussion is about Rights, Equality and Unity!


 LGBT Citizens of Longview, Texas requested a proclamation for their 1st Annual Pride Festival only to be met by Denial from Mayor Jay Dean, a Bible Belt Conservative!  Soon after, a letter was sent as a Band Aid but the Story & Struggle continues on………………….


Panelists: Andy Sacher, La Mont Wheat, Ken Taylor, Jimmy Isaac and Vik Verma!



Air Date:   Thurs., 6/12/14 @ 1PM (PST) www.ultimateunderground.com


Broadcast # 229


Podcast at: www.UltimateUnderground.com and http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id466386433

The Longview LetterThe Longview LetterUncle Earll, Roah Killa, Tre Rail, Oaxaca KahnUncle Earll, Roah Killa, Tre Rail, Oaxaca Kahn