“International Artist Showcase”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “International Artist Showcase” 

Uncle Earl Here Bringing You More Riches From the Ultimate Underground Vault Of Entertainment!

I am so Blessed to receive more great music than I can play and keep up with but TRUST…..They will be heard.

There is definitely a message in the music on this broadcast, If you are open and available to receive it :O))

Musical Artists:

Ignorantia Legit, Fountaine Anthony Band, Blank & Jones ft.The Irrepressibles, Johnny Rei, Canton Jones, DJ Syro ft. Yelle, Geoffrey Star, Goodbyemotel, Le Youth (DJ Danny T), Sheldon Botler, Leroy McBride! 


Be On The Lookout For Earl Hitz Records/Unisoul Productions New Artists KARINE DA SILVA & JONITE!

Special Thanks:  

Koffe an Kreme, idee deluxe records, Musik Lounge, Sound Cloud, Musik & Film Noisetrade, Reverbnation, LinkedIn, KLED Live FM, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and Music Xray!

Air Date:     3/31/14 

Broadcast # 215

Duration: 1:00:10