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Dear Lacy,

I remember the first time I introduced my 3-year-old son Jack to Sesame Street. From Big Bird, Bert, and Ernie to songs about ABC’s and 123’s, Sesame Street quickly became one of his favorite shows. We still watch together, and he always learns something new.

But now, right-wing Republicans in Congress want to take Big Bird and his friends away from my son with slash-and-burn budget cuts, just to pay for more tax cuts for millionaires.

Thing is? PBS makes up less than .0001% of the federal budget. ENOUGH ALREADY.

Click here to tell Congress: Hands off Big Bird and PBS!

I’m lucky that my son goes to a wonderful pre-school. But not all kids in our country are so lucky. That’s why it is so important that public TV programs like Sesame Street and Curious George introduce concepts like math and science in fun ways that benefit ALL kids.

Darrell Issa, David Dreier, Kevin McCarthy and the entire CA Republican congressional delegation have lined up to cut programs like Sesame Street out of our lives. PBS is a public resource and one that enriches our community and our children’s education.

Will you join me and Jack and tell Issa and the rest of the CA Republican delegation to keep their hands off of our children’s education?

I’m not going to stand for eliminating good education for my kid while Republicans dole out tax cuts to millionaires. I’ve watched PBS for over 40 years and I’m not going to let it go now.

Without PBS, there’s no more NOVA to spark Jack’s interest in science. There’s no more Sesame Street to introduce Jack to a world that shares, cares and learns. And there’s no more NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, or Frontline: unbiased journalism that isn’t bought and paid for by big corporations.

I love California and our country and I love my son.  I want Jack to grow up in an America that cares about its kids, not about tax cuts for millionaires.

Join me to demand that the California Republican congressional delegation says yes to PBS and no to budget cuts that hurt our children.

Thanks for protecting our children… and Big Bird, too.

Sarah Callahan

Courage Campaign