The Underground Experience Presents Soulful International Dance Diva “MS. LONNIE GORDON”!

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The Underground Experience Presents Soulful International Dance Diva “MS. LONNIE GORDON”!



Join Uncle Earl & Lonnie Gordon For A Fun, Candid & Outrageous Stroll Down Memory Lane!!!!!



I caught her on the way to perform at The Clapham Street Party on Saturday,June 22nd @ 1PM & Cheer Up! – London’s Ultimate Pop Party on Friday, June 28th at 6:00pm @ Kazbar in London, United Kingdom.



We met at the height of her career while she was in Los Angeles for a Jean Paul Gaultier Charity Event Hosted By Elizabeth Taylor for AMFAR and the rest is HISTORY!





Never an imitation but always imitated, Lonnie Gordon is a force to be reckoned with. This international singing sensation has left her mark on the dance floor in Great BritainFranceAustralia,EuropeThe United States and the Far East.

After dominating the charts for over two decades, Lonnie decided to take on a new direction which lead her into theatre. She was chosen by Cirque du Soleil to star in their controversial show “Zumanity” another side of Cirque du Soleil. After being in creation in Montreal for six months in preparation for the show’s opening in Las Vegas in 2003. Lonnie being the original lead vocalist for the first four years of the show’s run.

This provided an opportunity for Lonnie to showcase her strong vocals and incredible stage presence. This production allowed her to both learn, and understand the inner workings of what is considered to be the most successful theatrical company in the world. It also prepared her for the next stage of her long distinguished career, becoming a Performing Artist encasing her all-round talent.

Lonnie started her recording career in New York City replacing Boo Boo Monk the lead singer in the group Nyhtjar. Boo Boo Monk being the daughter of Thelonious Monk. Thelonious Monk was one of the greatest American jazz pianist and composers of his time and was considered to be one of the giants of American music, Lonnie was thrilled for this opportunity.

Singing alongside Melissa Morgan and Alyson Williams, the group recorded their first single at the legendary “Electric Lady” studios in New York with RCA records. In 1984, Lonnie moved toGreat Britain to begin her solo career, performing around the UK and quickly got the attention of many producers the first being Marc Andrews. Lonnie and Marc came up with a underground classic anthem, a cover of the Walker Brothers hit, “No Regrets”. The Song went on to become a worldwide“Underground” smash.

This was followed by Love Eviction and Beat The Street, subsequently both singles topped the dance charts across the world. After dance chart success, Lonnie was contacted by record producerSimon Harris, Simon and Lonnie recorded “Pleasure Control” featuring Lonnie Gordon, which quickly stormed the UK charts. This got the attention of Supreme Records, who were having huge chart success at the time. Lonnie was approached and signed to Supreme Records soon after, recording “It’s Not Over”, after appearing on Pete Watermans hit music show “The Hitman And Her” the next track was the Legendary “Happenin All Over Again” making appearance in the UK on “Breakfast TV”, and on“Top Of The Pops”, Great Britain’s biggest music show.

“Happenin” sold over two hundred and fifty thousand singles in the UK alone after going into the top 4, which was taken from the “If I Have To Stand Alone” album produced by Stock Aitken & Waterman. “Happenin All Over Again” went on to chart worldwide bringing Lonniemainstream success. Two subsequent singles from the “If I Have To Stand Alone” album were also released “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams” and the single “If I Have To Stand Alone” both making the singles chart. At this stage, Lonnie had a radical change of image to co-inside with her next single, “I’m Gonna Catch You” produced by “Blackbox” after appearing on the “The Terry Wogan Show”, which was seen by over 14 million viewers.

Lonnie then recorded half a new album with Blackbox in Italy and the remaining half in New York City. Various producers including Todd Terry, who reproduced “I Will Survive” Gloria Gaynor’s classic for the album entitled “Bad Mood” was released by US record company SBK/EMI and became a instant top selling album. After, Lonnie made many appearances on American top TV shows, including“The Arsenio Hall Show” alongside James BrownB.E.T with Will Downing. Later, Lonnie’s contract was sold by Supreme Records in the UK to SBK/EMI in the states. SBK released “I’m Gonna Catch You” in the States giving Lonnie a Top 100 chart position, followed by “Happenin All Over Again” which also made the Top 100.

Later to Lonnie’s anguish SBK folded leaving Lonnie without a record deal, Lonnie was then approached by various record companies to record one off singles. Tracks included “Dirty Love” –Geffen Records“If You Really Love Me” – Flip-It Records“He Lives In You”  – Centaur Records,     “A God That Can Dance” – Centaur Records, “Everybody’s Talking – Central Station Records, Hopelessly Devoted To You – Centaur Records. All singles going into the dance charts.

Throughout Lonnie’s dynamic and unstoppable career, Lonnie has always set the standards high for herself and has achieved them each time. Born in Philadelphia, and grew up in New York’sBronx borough, Lonnie was very resourceful and with the little she had created fertile ground for her talent to develop. Lonnie began singing at the age of six. By the age of eleven, Lonnie began competing in local talent shows throughout the city and at age fourteen, Lonnie signed up with The Legendary Apollo Theater for their Amateur Night. Having done so well, they invited her back to perform again. This was the first stepping stone to her now very successful career.

Lonnie is writing her autobiographical one-woman show 

“No Apologies – who ever said life was easy?” which debuted in London UK, in May 2012. The songs are based on how resilient the human spirit can be when challenged with life’s obstacles, influences from retro, soul, blues, jazz and dance, with a touch of theater classics.

Lonnie is currently recording a new album in the UK with overtones from the up and coming one woman show, working alongside some legendary producers.


Special Thanks To Craig Maritza/Kazbar!

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Air Date:   Thurs., 6/20/13 @ 9AM & 9PM @ (91.1FM) Los Angeles



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