A Special Message To You From Uncle Earl & The Underground Experience!

Dear Friends, Fans & Family In The U.S. & Around The World,

My heart is so full right now for many many reasons. First of all, the love & support has been incredible towards Me, My Family & The Underground Experience.

I am truly honored and feel so blessed that my voice has helped, inspired or changed opinions in a positive way. I began this journey blindly 5 years ago on a wing and a prayer and all of you have been instrumental in the longevity of the Project.
Thank You…..Thank You…..Thank You!!!!!!!!!!
I also want to give a mention to those who are no longer or have moved on from My Life. Even though you may have come and gone, I hold no malice or hatred in my heart. People, situations and circumstances do truly happen for a reason and /or season. It is up to us to “Trim The Fat” and “Get To The Meat.”
I know feel much wiser and stronger because of the experiences and I Bless You Forward!
Who knows how long we will be on this planet, so let’s make each moment, second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year count…..

Love Uncle Earl & The Underground Experience :O))