I sat down not knowing what would come out but here I go….Today, my heart truly cried out for one of God’s Children and My Friend Ms. Gwen McCrae. It’s very strange because she has been on my mind for the past week.

I’ve been feeling the need to reach out and get in touch and to get home to New York City. Much to my surprise I had no idea, first of all, that she was on tour in Europe (London) and had a massive stroke in June which caused paralysis to her entire left side.

It was even more strange how I found out…..no one called, e-mailed or posted to my social network. I happened to be browsing the events pages and stumbled across a benefit for Gwen McCrae….I immediately felt weak!

I reached out to, the Legendary House Master, Mr. Colonel Abrahms who will be hosting the whole affair. I will be producing and dedicating a show to Ms. mcCrae within the week, hopefully to coincide with the Tributes next week!

Please do whatever you can she is still in London, in the hospital and in need of emergency funds for treatments and transportation back to the states!

She is truly a  Dance Music & Gospel LEGEND who has made us all Laugh, Dance, Sing & CRY!!!!!

Love, Hugs & Blessings Ms. Gwen,

Lacy aka Uncle Earl & The Underground Experience :O))

Leah McCrae’s Gratitude To The People Of England! (Click This Link For Video Message from Gwen’s Daughter)