Mike McCready/Music Xray at UCLA !

Music Xray co-founder & CEO, Mike McCready guest speaking at UCLA Anderson School of Management about business model innovation as it pertains to Music Xray and the new music industry

Mike McCready guest speaking on May 7, 2012 at UCLA
Anderson School of Management for IESE

The music space has changed so much over the past decade

that business model innovation is inevitable. Some people will resist.

Sone will get angry. Some will try to hold on to the way things used to be

because it’s working for them.

Many of those people will unfortunately be left behind,

out-competed by their contemporaries who embrace change

as has happened time and time again over the course of human history

(pockets, the Internet, rock and roll… all just fads).

When an easier, more efficient way of doing something exists

and that way actually gets better results,

no one wants to go back to the hard way.

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