Professional Training Catered to Actors, Models, Singers and Spokespersons


Marishka S. Phillips specializes in professional training catered to actors, models, singers and spokespersons looking to master the physical and psychological aspects of acting.
Through one-on-one lessons, each client goes through a rigorous training to f…ully develop and nurture the skills and confidence needed to succeed in today’s industry.
Marishka S. Phillips is run by founder and spiritual acting coach Marishka S. Phillips. Studying from famed books such as “Actor Prepares” by Konstantin Stanislavski “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameronand honing her craft under the tutelege of Susan Batson for over five years, Phillips has worked with numerous actors in film, television and on Broadway.
Marishka S. Phillips- The Brand specializes in professional training catered to actors, models and spokespersons.