“The 7th Anniversary Special Featuring Entertainment Lawyer Ben McLane”

 In today’s show, The Uncle Earl celebrates 7 years on the global airwaves and “chews the fat” on the music industry with Music Industry Super Star Lawyer, Mr. Ben McLane

McLane & Wong, consisting of the attorneys Ben McLane and Venice Wong, is a full service global entertainment law firm specializing in music law, the music business and the music industry. We work for and with domestic and international bands, artists, acts, musicians, songwriters, producers, publishers, managers, comedians, independent and major record labels and record companies, songwriter organizations, internet and new media companies, magazines, video companies, fashion law, fashion designers, brands, BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. We negotiate and draft recording, production, publishing, songwriter, management, producer, soundtrack, video, partnership, agency, investor, endorsement, licensing, merchandising, performance, touring, Internet, new media, digital law, film, motion picture, reality shows, television contracts, agreements and deals. We shop record deals, publishing deals and licensing for the United States, North America, Europe, Japan, Mexico, South America, and the world. We handle copyrights, trademarks, set up of businesses, corporations, partnerships, etc. We also perform dispute resolution and act as an expert witness.

Musical Artists:

World 5

Devid Morrison ft. Rocksi Lone

Victoria Canal



Ronny Morris

The Uncle Earl & DJ Brasileiro

Special Thanks:

KLED Live FM, Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Donald Tyler, Earl Hitz Records

Air Date 1/30/17

Broadcast #266

Duration 0:59:52