Both Sides Of The Coin Special Featuring Margaret Guiraud (Owner of IMT Talent Agency) & Singer/Songwriter BREN!

Margaret is the Owner of IMT Agency ( NOT affiliated with IMT Association).

Clients include Actors, Models & Singer/Songwriters/Composers seeking Music placements, gig bookings, interviews on radio & print, airplay, endorsements & landing Record Labels.

*SPECIAL NOTE * Margaret is Featured in the MARCH Issue of MUSIC CONNECTION!!!!!!!!!!


[BRËN] is a singer-songwriter, educated at MI in Hollywood, California and has performed at famous venues such as The Whisky A Go Go, House of Blues, The Key Club & The Fine Line Cafe in Minneapolis.

Currently [BRËN] is Represented by IMT Agency in Century City and Managed by Margaret Guiraud. In a year’s time, under the Representation of IMT Agency, two music videos have been produced & among hundreds of band entrants was chosen for a paid performance in Minneapolis at the famous Fine Line Music Cafe, been featured in various publications & interviews including a live radio interview with KCLA and various internet radio stations, finished and released his first debut album, “Anywhere But Here”, and successfully performed his first industry showcase.

Four of [BRËN]‘s songs (“Only Human,” “Worth The Weight,” “BetterMan,” & “Epic”) have scored the Platinum Auddy Award–highest scores for possible hits–on Hit Song Science. His single “Worth The Weight” was the song of the week on “MSI: Music Scene Investigation” for the week of March 13-19, 2011.

[BRËN]‘s debut album, “Anywhere But Here…” was mastered at The Mastering Lab, where Pink Floyd, Faith Hill, Ray Charles, Tim McGraw,and other industry greats go to get their albums mastered. [BRËN] is currently working on his sophomore album, “Surrender Is Not An Option” and performing live.


Musical Artists Include: BREN, Zenin & Haines featuring Georgie Cullum, Chloe J., Exit 22! 

Broadcast # 111