“Home For The Holidays with Uncle Earl”

 The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents

“Home For The Holidays with Uncle Earl”

Musical Artists:

Sandra Reaves-Phillips, Children’s Aid Society Choir, Kristin Hoffman, Devyn Rose, Evan Wickham, The Last Bison, Antonia K. ft. Susie Ahern, Otis Redding, Ron Aven! 

What Can I Say……There’s no Place Like HOME!!!!!

 I Am Here For Rejuvenation, Love, New York Attitude Check & Culture Extravaganza………

Right Off The Boat, I Attended The Annual Fundraiser For The Children’s Aid Society Chorus at Cafe Vivaldi in Greenwich Village Directed by Kelly Campbell Featuring Kristin Hoffman (Vocalist), John Lander (Pianist) & My Mom, The Birthday Girl, Sandra Reaves-Phillips! The Lucky Number Is 69 Y’all :O))

ALSO  Sending Out A Special Memorial Tribute For My Father Of Dance, Mr. Frank Hatchett!!!!!

Special Thanks:  Music Xray, Musik & Film, Noisetrade, Paste, Gudedit Mgmt., KLED Live FM, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce!


Air Date:  12/23/13


Broadcast # 208

Duration: 1:00:30