“I Care, U Care, We Care…..But Do They Care?!?!

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents “I Care, U Care, We Care…..But Do They Care?!?!


This Is A Wake up Call People…..Life Is Going On With Or Without Us…..Let’s Pay More Attention, Become More Pro-Active And Become A Part Of The Solution, Not The Problem!


On The Docket: Health Care…..Unemployment…..Discrimination…..Art Support Deterioration!

Musical Artists Include: Kemmy Be Good, Eshon Burgundy, AMIRA, BLEU, Pat $tacks$, CIARA, Son Lux, Cary Brothers, Bryan Art, CHARLEYWOOD, Baby Bee, XOVA!


Special Thanks: Music Xray, Noisetrade, Facebook, Mp3waxx, ituneyouin, Break The Crates, Musik Lounge, Paste Magazine,Vladmir Trench, KLED Live FM, KLEO-TV, Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce and William Perry!

Air Date:  10/3/13 

Broadcast # 198

Duration: 1:00:08