Marketing & PR Diva Ms. Carla B./EOTM & Super-Talented Musician Mr. Jason Hemmens!


Since February 2007, EOTM Media Group has become the new voice of the Entrepreneur. With their innovative approach to integrating engaging entertainment interviews with equally alluring, informative business, political and cultural segments under the EOTM Radio network.

EOTM has helped to pioneer the “New Media” industry and has most definitely carved the acronym into the granite, with a new more popular meaning that is sure to hold the reigns for years to come. “Entrepreneurs On The Move”.

EOTM Public Relations firm has also raised the bar for their clients with extensive knowledge and expertise in marketing and branding. Not to mention the launching of the new EOTM social networking site which is dedicated to shining light on Entrepreneurs on all levels and genres.

EOTM is documenting the present successes and triumphs of our community, by building on the accomplishments of the past and helping to seek higher levels of success for the future. We are actively involved in the transformation, by shaping and perpetuating the continuity of our communities and abroad.


Mr. Jason Hemmens Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and raised in Waldo, Maine, by a family of musicians. Jason Hemmens, a young and sexy pop rock, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s crafty, catchy choruses and dynamic sound have taken him from local celebrity status to being one of the fastest rising stars in the place where he now resides, Los Angeles.

Musical Artists Include: Tia P., AZitiZ, D-Zire & Jason Hemmens!