“Perspective Rhythms 2016”

The Ultimate Underground Experience Presents Perspective Rhythms 2016

perspective rhythms

In today’s show, Uncle Earl says Goodbye to the Old and Hello to the New!
We have all been witnessing Trials and Tribulations on a Global scale but with Humility and Perseverance, We will all make it through.  It is time to Claim and Stand in Your Greatness!
I offer Blessings, Love & Magic through Song and Messages. I also take a moment to acknowledge fellow Artists who have crossed over this past year!
Special Blessings Announcement
The  Holiday Release Of “The Uncle Earl Underground Dance Experience” 5 Track EP on IB Music Records in Ibiza, Spain. Thank You Mr. Enrico Mason! Featured on this project is DJ Antonio Grassia, Sava Boric, DJ Briard, DJ Mok Jay, Alex Psaroudakis, DJC Productions!
Musical Artists (In Order Of Appearance):
DJ Antonio Grassia ft. The Uncle Earl, Gospel Lee, Broken Gold, Born Cages, DJ Hamada ft. Jorell & Mokobe, DJ Nick Havsen, Resh, Vibration Lab, The Legendary Fake, Chris davis aka S.L.A.P., Wendy Walker, McCormick, Danny Roberts, Roky Can aka Dany Devero, Jrome Andre & Unique2Rhythm, The Bear & The Bride, Circadian Clock, Ivotion, Chris Jasper,Marie Riachi ft. Sevine, Andre Howie, Mothxr, DJ Briard ft. The Uncle Earl.
Special Thanks:
Radioactive Broadcasting Network, Music Xray, Noisetrade,  Musik & Film, IB Music & Booking, Soul Tracks, Ideedeluxe, LinkedIn, Reggae Roast, Noisetrade, Mastermind Promotions/Michael Eastwood, Washington Square Records, Cub Casual Music./Label Worx Ltd., Donald Tyler.
Air Date 1/4/16
Broadcast #259
Duration 2:04:55