“Uncle Earl On The Town Again”


The Underground Experience Presents “Uncle Earl On The Town Again”


 EQCA Equality Awards 2012,  Samira Gem Creations & Desmond Meeks (American Idol) CD Launch Party!


Guest Speakers Include:

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

Actress Renata Powell

L.A. Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones

 Actress Romi Klinger

L.A.D.A. Office Candidate Jackie Lacy

 Actor Jai Rodriguez

Actress Jane Lynch

Director Troy Byer

State Farm Award Recipient Sainie Andres

Liberty Hill Foundation

City Controller Wendy Greuel

Deputy Director of  Online Communications Shaun P. Osburn

65th District Assembly Candidate Sharon Quirk-Silva

Assemblyman Steven C. Bradford

Assemblyperson Betsy Butler

President of One Nation Jeffrey Urdman

Celebrity Chef Jack Lee

Radio/TV Personality Davi Davenport


Special thanks to Equality California (PR) Jack Lorenz & Patrick Santiago!


 Musical Artists Include:

Sandra Reaves-Phillips

David Fisher

Case Closed

Uncle Earl, Roach Killa, Third Rail, Pamela Threats, Oaxaca Kahn



Kisharra B

J.J. Crowne

Wanda Rouzan


Broadcast # 134A

Duration: 1:05:00

Air Date: 8/20/12