The Underground Experience Presents “East Coast Shuffle” Featuring FOR 20 (The Movie) & NORM ADAMS!

Saturday 1/26/13 9am – 10am (PST) & 9pm – 10pm (PST) on KLED Live FM (91.1) in Hollywood!


The Underground Experience Presents “East Coast Shuffle” Featuring FOR  20 (The Movie) & NORM ADAMS!


During my recent trip back home, I took in the sights, scenes, music and art of New York City!


“FOR 20” Written & Directed by Blaze Mazur

After the loss of a dear friend, college student Chance returns home to his affluent hometown in suburban Connecticut and reluctantly begins to see a psychiatrist at the behest of his parents. Disregarding the advice of the doctor and descending further into depression, Chance conceives of a plan to take over the local marijuana trade. He enlists the help of several friends and acquaintances and f…orms a business known as the Sleight of Hand. This plan, however, extends well beyond his control and the company begins to unravel as he continues to unsuccessfully cope with his pain. He must now juggle his parents, doctor and cover job, as well as keep his business one step ahead of the local authority. Chance’s substance abuse and mental instability collide as he falls deeper into a world of vice and psychosis.

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What would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be, if you were given the right opportunity? These poignant, self-reflective questions are posed in the lyrics of ‘This Is My Time’, a stirring ballad that is destined to become an anthem for graduates, athletes and aspiring artists everywhere. However, for its author, singer/songwriter Norm Adams, these questions are more than mere inspirational rhetoric. They evoke honest reflection on a dream deferred, and signal the arrival of an artist whose time has finally come. This is his time. This is his story.


Born in Newark, New Jersey, Norm, at the insistence of his grandmother, began singing in church at the age of five. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to Pensacola, Florida, where he continued to sing at church services, political functions and various social activities throughout the city, becoming a most sought after local young talent.


After graduating high school, Norm returned to New Jersey to attend college. It was during this time that he began to develop his songwriting ability, and recorded his first demos. After college, he carved out a living for himself as a school teacher by day and honed his performance skills at night, singing in local talent shows and at open mic nights in and around New York City. He later became part of anR&B group called Mass Appeal, in which he was featured as the lead singer. Although widespread commercial success eluded the trio, a dance remix of their independent record ‘A Little Bit of Heaven’made the rounds on the Philadelphia club scene, which led to radio airplay and a review in Billboard. The exposure opened the doors to a whole new world for Norm, as he took advantage of an opportunity to travel to Japan, where he performed nightly in front of wildly enthusiastic crowds.


Upon his return to the United States, Norm relocated to the Philadelphia area, where he continued his education and earned a Master’s degree. He continued to write songs and record periodically, and, when the timing was right, he turned to Grammy nominated music producers Ric Zivic and Ted Wender to help him facilitate the next leg of his musical journey. Almost immediately, they began turning out a series of radio friendly pop hits, such as the dance floor filler, ‘Stretch Ya Neck’ , the soca-infused‘Love Me’, and the aforementioned future classic ‘This Is My Time’, as part of a debut album which serves as the perfect vehicle to showcase the vision and versatility of this multifaceted singer / songwriter. Gifted with an amazing talent and driven by determination and experience from lessons learned, Norm Adams exemplifies that when preparation meets opportunity, a dream deferred doesn’t stay that way. His time, indeed.



Musical Artists Include: Mary Jane Missions/Don Producci, K.O. MCcoy, Spankox, Chris Valenti, Chili Bianco, Norm Adams!



Saturday 1/26/13 9am – 10am (PST) & 9pm – 10pm (PST) on KLED Live FM (91.1) in Hollywood!



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For20 Written & Directed by Blaze Mazur

Jacob Reardon

Katie Vincent

Anthony Ritosa

Blaze Mazur & Stephen Wirth

Norm Adams

K.O. MCcoy


Chris Valenti

Chili Bianco

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