The Underground Experience Presents “Ms. Marlow Wyatt & The Girl Blue Project!”

The Underground Experience Presents “Ms. Marlow Wyatt & The Girl Blue Project!”

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Ms. Marlow Wyatt

I am the founder and director of The Girl Blue Project. I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. My mother was 18 years old when she had me and I have met my biological father maybe 3 times in my life. I was adopted by my mothers 2nd husband when I was 15 years old. He helped raise me at such a delicate age. He is the man I call my father.


I am a professional actress and writer. I have also worked for youth programs in Washington, D.C., New York and Los Angeles as a performer, writer and director. I was a volunteer tutor for the Reading by 9 program sponsored by the LA Times. I have seen children fall by the wayside because of bureaucracy and just plain neglect and apathy. The problems our children face in this country go beyond education, economics or religion.


I created the program for girls simply because I am female. I understand that we socialize girls differently than boys. Once this program has a solid foundation I plan to expand it to include young men. This is only the beginning.


It is my vision that The Girl Blue Project will be a catalyst for change in the way we nurture and value our children in America. We live in a country of wealth and privilege and our children do not feel valued. We owe our children much more than they have been given. We owe them our time, our patience and our respect. They deserve better. We know better. Make time. Do Better.


About The Project

The Girl Blue Project was founded in June of 2003 as pro-active move to re-educate, motivate and empower teen girls, ages 14-18 years old, in Los Angeles County.  This innovative, intensive was designed to focus on the social and emotional problems of teen girls and how these issues affect their ability to learn and lead productive, fulfilling lives.  Our program fosters a creative environment that promotes discipline, structure, accountability, self-respect, self-acceptance and empowerment. The curriculum is formatted to nurture the emotional development of young girls with problematic circumstances through classes in Self- Awareness, Yoga, Dance, Voice, Acting, Creative Writing, Women’s Health and much moreThe Four Agreements by Don Miguel-Ruiz, Don’t Give It Away by Iyanla Vanzant and The Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn are used as our basic foundation of conduct throughout the program. Yoga and Self-Awareness are taught everyday and are most vital to the vision of the program


Our sessions run 4 to 6 weeks and end with a theatre performance written for and about the girls, created from their experiences and points of views expressed during the program.  The girls also write and design poetry books.  The Girl Blue Project allows their voices to be heard!  They have a lot of work to do as a collective and we only want girls who take the program seriously.


The Girl Blue Project is a FREE program with a required application fee.  Girls are chosen based on their applications and ability to commit to the entire program. All classes are mandatory and are structured to promote healthy self images and creative self-expression.

We operate solely through individual donations, the support of the performing arts community, small business contributions and volunteers. WE CAN change the world; one girl at a time!

The Girl Blue Project is necessary.  It’s challenging!  It’s life changing!  It works!


Musical Artists Include: Promise Marks, Pico Youth & Family Center All Stars, Moby, Oleta Adams, Indie.Ari, Dr. Peter Alsop, Krystle Marie, In The Midst 777 & Chili Bianco (Szolte Varkuti)!


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 Air Date: Monday 8/13/12  9am – 10am (PST) & 9pm – 10pm (PST) at


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Pico Youth & Family Center All Stars


Oleta Adams


Dr. Peter Alsop

Krystle Marie

In The Midst 777

Chili Bianco/Szolt Varkuti

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