The Underground Experience Presents “OCCUPY THE INDUSTRY” Featuring Najashi of “Dread Daze”, Zach Bromberg, Andrea “Drea” Hudson & Caitlin MacKenzie Smith!

Wednesday 6/6/12 & Thursday 6/7/12 

The Underground Experience Presents “OCCUPY THE INDUSTRY” Featuring Najashi of “Dread Daze”, Zach Bromberg, Andrea “Drea” Hudson & Caitlin MacKenzie Smith!

Musical Artists Include: Zach Bromberg, “Drea” Hudson, Caitlin MacKenzie Smith, Dread Daze &

(Uncle Earl – Worldwide Premiere of The New Single “UNITY” Thursday Broadcast ONLY)

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Dread Daze

Pulling reggae apart and putting it back together again with a  dose of hip-hop, a dash of rock, and a whole lot of soul, Dread Daze tunes up the positive vibrations and turns traditional reggae on it’s ear.  The powerful sound they bring forth is uniquely their own, and their music speaks their truth in no uncertain terms.

Di Wall, Dread Daze’ beautifully crafted debut album, literally explodes with songs like “Right Now”, “Stand Up”, and “Murder in the Name of Religion”, that challenge the status quo and urge people to question, understand and take action. “Kitty” and “NiteTime” get listeners out of their chairs and onto their feet — just in time to bend and move to the traditional reggae vibes of “Morning Time” and “Danger Signs” before slowing down and slipping into Ital Soul where lead vocalist Najashi seduces listeners with his steamy twist on a Motown-inspired love song.

Dread Daze was conceived in Los Angeles, but is a child of the world stage.  Their authentic desire to use their music to open minds, change vibes and spread a message of peace and unity shines through in every song and has captured the ears of listeners across all genres as well as promoters throughout the U.S. and around the world.  Dread Daze’ exudes raw energy on-stage and forges a strong bond with audiences worldwide, while their huge grass-roots following and spirit of collaboration make them widely sought after – as evidenced by countless shows in clubs, festivals and other venues throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Together, Najashi (lead vocalist), Brian Ward/Belfast Posse (guitar/vocals), Donu (drums), DJ Thergood (DJ/percussion), Steve(bass) Billy (lead guitar), form Dread Daze.  Individually, they have made their mark in the music scene performing with legends such as Beres Hammond,Israel Vibrations,Aswad,UB40, Steel Pulse, Arrested Development, Pato Banton, Capleton,Sizzla, Richie Spice,Luciano,Eek A Mouse, Half Pint, Mikey Dread, Wailing Souls, The Abyssinians, Don Carlos and many more. They’ve also recorded with members of The Black Eyed Peas, Jurassic 5, James Early of M.C Hammer’s first album, and more recently recorded in the infamous Hitsville West, a.k.a. Motown Studios, where legends, Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5, once created music history.

Bring the Dread Daze audience more Great Music which will touch the mind and soul on a deeper level. Look for the band to tour Around the globe and excite the music lovers of the world.

Zach Bromberg

Zach was born on June 12, 1985 in Tucson Arizona.  Raised in a family of artists and musicians, Zach chose a different form of expression at a young age in athletics.  He started to play tennis at 18 months old and was on the news by age 2 for his outstanding ability for someone of his age.  Not looking back, Zach became a top ranked junior player and was recruited to play at the University of Arizona in 2003.  After one year in collegiate athletics, Zach decided to pursue his lifelong aspirations and started to compete professionally.

Eight months into his professional career he suffered a back injury that would turn out to be a blessing in disguise.  With his injury ending his competitive career, Zach had to re-evaluate his life.  One day his neighbor brought over a demo version of FL Studio (Fruity Loops) and new passion began.  Zach took his athletic work ethic and applied it to his musical visions.

Spending countless hours working on his sound, Zach started to create innovative beats and transcending melodies.  Combining influences ranging from Earth, Wind, & Fire and Minnie Ripperton to Timbaland and Pharrell, Zach brings his own unique/soulful sound to the modern world.

Andrea “Drea” Hudson

5A baby of the 80s, 86 to be exact. Born in the land of Dr. Suess, Springfield, MA.  Realizing that my ability to personify experiences and play with words just as much as Legos, I first started writing poetry at age 9.  I started to write rap songs, similar to poetry starting at age 12.  Attracted to the idea of freestyle battling boys in the lunch room by the time I was in 9th grade, I’d battle anybody who wanted to, boys and girls alike.

Music has always been a passion of mine.  It has never been a means of supporting myself, more so supporting other people so long as they are able to relate to my lyrics.  Lyrically I’d compare myself to a Hip-Hop/Motown/ Emo raised artist.  It’s difficult to place myself in one specific category.  My ultimate goal is to create music with substance that people will be able to listen to as time progresses and get the same feeling they got the first time they heard it.

My influences range from, Something Corporate, Nas, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Lauryn Hill, Eminem, Method Man, to early 90s feel good music. I truthfully do love it all.

Some of my vices are crayons, quality headphones, exclusive sneakers, Levis, penny loafers (with the penny), v-necks, whiskey, thunderstorms and featherbeds. I find beauty in all things, complex and simple.

Caitlin MacKenzie Smith

I am a singer songwriter. I currently live in Los Angeles California. I am originally from Pasco Washington. I have been interested in music my whole life. I have been performing many genres including opera, classical, folk, jazz, pop and what ever you would like to call my own personal style : )

I like to go out, experience people and nature, then sing about them.

Broadcast # 124

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Thursday 6/7  9am – 10am (PST) & 9pm – 10pm (PST) at

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Dread Daze

Zach, Drea, Caitlin & Uncle Earl

Caitlin MacKenzie Smith

Zach Bromberg

The New Anthem of “Occupy The Industry” Movement Debuts Worldwide!

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Drea Hudson