The Underground Experience Presents “ON WITH THE SHOW”

The Underground Experience Presents “ON WITH THE SHOW”


Ladies & Gentlemen…..Underground Dwellers Around The World….Join Me For An Exciting New Year Offering Of Good Cheer Through Music From Indie To Major Artists From Around The World!


Wednesday –  12/2/13  on KCLA FM (99.3FM)  4PM (PST)


KCLA Listen Line: 323 461 6675


Thursday –  1/3/13  on KLED Live FM (91.1FM)   9AM & 9PM (PST)


The Underground Experience Presents “ON WITH THE SHOW

Musical Artists Include: Adam Levine, Eminem, 50 Cent, Alexi “G.U.G.G.” von Guggenberg, ZEMY, Travis Royce ft. Ryan Elizabeth, Vant Nielson, GIO, A Few Memories, Claudio Quartarone, Stephen Nichols, The Dramatics ft. L.J. Reynolds, Ne-Yo ft. Tim McGraw!


Broadcast # 154


Air Dates:


Wednesday 1/2/13 on KCLA FM (99.3 FM)


Thursday 1/3/13 on KLED Live FM (91.1 FM)



Direct Links also on website:


Podcast will be available on iTunes. Podomatic and Website!



Adam Levine (

Eminem & 50 Cent (

Alexi von Guggenberg aka “G.U.G.G.” (Music Xray)

Zemy (ACM Records)


Vant Nielson (Music Xray)

Gio (Earbeataz) Music Xray

A Few Memories (Music Xray)

Claudio Quartarone

Stephen Nichols & Steven Robinson (Music Xray)


The Dramatics ft. L.J. Reynolds (mp3 promotions)

Ne-Yo (

Tim McGraw (

Travis Royce (Music Xray)

Coming To Los Angeles In February!