The Underground Experience Presents The Silvers Family!

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The Underground Experience Presents The Silvers Family!

The Silvers Family – A Legacy of Love

There’s love in my blood

It flows through my veins

It comes from my family

And in my heart love remains

(Excerpt from the song, Heritage written by Joie-May and John Silvers)

Mom: Wendy Silvers is an Agape Spiritual Counselor, Speaker, Blissful Parenting /Guilt-Free Mothering Mentor; and the creator of the MILLION MAMAS MOVEMENT, a grass roots, global movement to empower mothers and others to unify and exercise their innate maternal power to create greater freedom safety and opportunities for mamas and children everywhere.

Dad: John Silvers is an award winning actor and singer/songwriter  who has performed professionally to great acclaim throughout the United States and Europe. In addition to performing, he has taught improvisational acting techniques and songwriting to teens in drug rehab and to prison inmates preparing for release. The creative outlet John provided to these individuals was vital in helping them to express their thoughts and feelings and to know that their voices matter. John is dedicated to uplifting and inspiring people through the arts and contributing to the creation of a more peaceful and loving world.

Daughter: Joie-May Silvers is an eleven year old, singer/songwriter, actress, dancer and model. She made her stage debut at the Los Angeles Music Center at the ripe young age of three, singing with the Agape Youth Choir at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. She has worked with such well known artists as Will I Am (The Black-Eyed Peas), Jason Mraz. and Naurally 7. She has also performed on the Ellen DeGeneres show and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Her name, Joie-May, translates as “Great Joy,” which is exactly the gift she brings to the world through her artistry.

Past: The Silvers family has a rich history of social activism.  As the Los Angeles chapter leader of the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.) in 1964, John’s father, Arthur Silvers, showed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through L.A. on his visit to California. Arthur was also a chapter president of the NAACP and founded his own organization for non-violence, called Peace Acts. From his own perspective as a multi-racial American, John followed in  his father’s footsteps with the release of his award winning song, Black/White & Red/White & Blue, which plainly declares “You cannot hate me and love yourself too.  Cause you’re part of me and I’m part of you. Black/White and Red/White and Blue.”  In addition, through the performance of such original songs as Love is Thicker than Blood and Heritage, the father and daughter team of John and Joie-May have consistently opened the hearts and touched the souls of their fans.

Present: Through the vision of mama, Wendy, the Silvers family is carrying on the tradition of creative social leadership with the Million Mamas March and Movement. Wendy’s vision will be lovingly supported by the musical talents of Joie-May and John and the event will feature such well known speakers as Marianne Williamson and Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Future: Through a commitment to their own spiritual growth and unfoldment , as well as to the advancement of social consciousness throughout the planet,  Wendy, John and Joie-May Silvers individually and collectively are stepping boldly into the roles of leadership.  Through the full expression of their love for each other and for humanity, the Silvers family is at the forefront of social transformation and the expansion of society toward greater peace and harmony.


 Wendy Silvers, the founder of the Million Mamas Movement™, said today, “We are not One Million Moms and we have no affiliation with that organization.” Silvers, a Los Angeles mom who has been teaching compassionate parenting practices for almost a decade, was recently inspired to create the Million Mamas Movement. It is a grassroots, global movement to empower and engage mothers and others to galvanize and create powerful policies that provide greater peace and safety for mamas and children.

Each year the Million Mamas Movement will address an issue that adversely affects the well-being of mothers and children. It will launch with the inaugural Million Mamas March on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2012, a simultaneous live and virtual event streamed through the technology of Watchitoo at the Washington Monument. This year nonviolence and the elimination of bullying will be addressed and it is the focus of the march. Speakers at the march include Marianne Williamson, Michael Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Kathy Eldon, Shajen Joy Aziz, and Vinca Heart, with more to be named.

It is Silvers’ belief that mothers and others joining together in support of mothers and children worldwide will transform the world. Silvers comments, “How the mamas and babies are treated and the way we mother our children and ourselves reveals the well-being of our society.”

For more information and to join, go to and the Million Mamas Movement pages on Facebook.

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The Silvers Family


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