THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE Presents “Uncle Earl’s Red Carpet Special”

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THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE Presents “Uncle Earl’s Red Carpet Special” 


Featuring PUNCH TV, Dr. Gloria Montgomery (Care 4 Kids) & The Legendary Marshall Thompson!


Musical Artists: Klymaxx & The Legendary Marshall Thompson

PUNCH TV Network

Our Vision and Goals for the network.

Punch TV is symbolic of the melting pot, the blending, the mixture of flavors that is synonymous with life in the United States. Utilizing the theme, “Are you thirsty yet?” Punch TV Network, the brainchild of entrepreneur Joseph Collins, President, was conceived as an entertainment entity that blends the many flavors of Americans into a set of multicultural, multi-ethnic dramas, comedies, talk shows, reality shows, newscasts, and other genres of television entertainment. Rather than complaining each season regarding a perceived failure of mainstream television producers to offer diverse programming, Punch TV was born as an entertainment island that displays the racial/ethnic, age, gender, socioeconomic, religious, and other forms of diversity of America.


We are positioning our company to be the dominate player in the urban television market place!

Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, California took its toll on Joseph Collins Jr. Gang violence and drug ridden streets were a daily battle for the Collins family as they ventured out into their work and school lives. At the age of ten, Joseph’s mother decided to uproot her family and move them to the safer neighborhoods of Pomona, California where Joseph essentially grew up. Money was tight, forcing the family to rely on food stamps and other government assistance just to get by. Although there were many struggles growing up, Joseph emerced himself in learning and creativity.

A native Angeleno from South Central, Joseph Collins looks back on his childhood with fondness and accredits his parents as the most influential people in his life. Joseph knew at an early age that he was born for television. The Three Stooges, Speed Racer and The Addams Family were among the many shows that lit the spark inside this future Television CEO, knowing that one day he would be developing and producing top notch shows like the ones he grew up watching. Gary High School in Pomona, California was the developmental grounds for Joseph’s future as the founder of Punch Television Network. Here he was heavily influenced by his high school teacher, Barbara Barkermeyer, who opened doors for him to gain his first Hollywood audition.  Persistence paid off when, after months of calling, Joseph landed an internship with WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  His flare and contagious personality helped him grow from an intern to working as the youngest news anchor to report the business news, drawing people in to hear his take on the daily events.

Many people have influenced and shaped Joseph’s role in the television world, from J.W. Witt former CEO of WVTV in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the story of William Paley, founder of CBS, to Michael Eisner, former CEO of Disney John Malone and Ted Turner the cable industries trailblazer. These men have inspired Joseph and helped keep him focus on achieving his dream of owning and operating a television network, which has since become a reality.

The CEO and founder of Punch TV Network, Joseph Collins has been recognized as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” presented by the California Legislative Assembly.  He has also been notably recognized by United States Senator Dianne Feinstein, congratulating him on his excellence in Entrepreneurship, superior leadership, dedication and perseverance.

Joseph’s ultimate goal has come to fruition by bringing life-changing, inspirational television to viewers throughout the world. During his 30 years in television production and programming, Joseph has accumulated a long list of accomplishments. Along with the production of over 600 TV commercials to his credit, Mr. Collins has received recognitions for his vision. Specifically, Mr. Collins was presented with the 1996 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Fred Aguilar, and Senator Barbara Boxer. Additionally, he has received accolades from City Council members. His rich entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments has led to the creation of Punch TV.


Special Thanks To Michelle Holden



Dr. Gloria Montgomery is the Founder and the Executive Director of The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center, a non-profit organization specializing in the Disease of Addiction for over 40 years. The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center offers both residential and out-patient programs for short-term (30-days) and long-term (6 months +) substance-abuse treatment needs. The program specializes in alcohol and drug education, behavior modification, anger management, coping skills, is 12-Step based, provides mentorship, life and relationship skills, domestic violence recovery, parenting skills, crisis intervention – both family and individual – educational guidance, resume and employment preparation, and aid in completing groundwork for life goals.
The Hollywood and Vine Recovery Center has transformed the lives of thousands of people through rehabilitation from the diseases of addiction. Our mission now is to provide drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and create access to substance-abuse treatment centers, for our children aged 7-20 years old, restoring lives and families and thereby protecting the future of America.
We need your HELP for our young people with whom we still have time, kids incapable of getting into the few existing and incredulously unaffordable treatment programs. For countless thousands it is already too late. Children living in the graveyards of the soul are literally entering into the graveyards of our neighborhoods every second. Gone too soon. Who do you know to whom this has impacted? We have all been touched by someone we know… we must connect, and together we can make this stop. You are NOT alone.
We need financial assistance for “Soberships” (grants), to be able to spread this truth, and WAKE UP AMERICA NOW. 100% of the proceeds from CARE FOR KIDS will go into fulfilling this dire need. Please click this link, or contact us to help, perform, and/or participate: 818-917-8500.

CARE FOR KIDS: All-Star Celebrity Event
Sunday, June 2, 2013, 4PM-10PM PST
Club Avalon
1735 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA 90028
The Chi-Lites were formed in Chicago in 1959.  Originally called the Hi-Lites, they consisted of Marshall Thompson (birthday 24th Aug), Creadel “Red” Jones, Eugene Record, Robert Lester (birthday 16th August) and Clarence Johnson.

As the Hi-Lites they released a number of singles on local labels then in 1964 they changed their name to Marshall & the Chi-Lites; the ‘C’ being added to reflect the name of their hometown, Chicago.  By the end of 1964 Clarence Johnson had left the group and they truncated their name to simply the Chi-Lites.  During the ensuing four years Eugene Record slowly emerged as the group’s lead singer, songwriter and producer.

In 1969, after signing with Brunswick the previous year, “Give It Away” became their first USA national hit single attaining number ten in the R&B charts.  The follow-up release “Let Me Be The Man My Daddy Was” was moderately successful but another major hit was elusive until “Are You My Woman ?” climbed into the R&B top ten in early 1971.  A succession of top ten hits followed commencing with their next release “(For God’s Sake)Give More Power To The People” which was the first release to crossover into the pop charts.  The ballads “Have You Seen Her” and “Oh Girl” followed, both reaching number one in the R&B charts with “Oh Girl” also achieving the number one slot in the pop charts in the spring of 1972.

Now, over 50 years later, Marshall is still laying it down with the Hot New Re-Make “HOT ON A THING CALLED LOVE”
Special Thanks To Ms. Joyce “DJ Wonder Woman” Parker!

Air Date: Thursday 4/18/13  on KLED Live FM (91.1FM)  @ 9AM & 9PM (PST) 


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