The Underground Experience Presents Underground Cult Rock Band A BAND CALLED “DEATH” & Comedian/Radio Personality BUBBA DA SKITSO!

Wednesday 6/13/12 & Thursday 6/14/12 


The Underground Experience Presents Underground Cult Rock Band  A BAND CALLED “DEATH” & Comedian/Radio Personality BUBBA DA SKITSO!


Musical Artists Include: A Band Called “DEATH”, JOYE B. MOORE & BUBBA DA SITSO!


(Uncle Earl Worldwide- The New Single “UNITY”)

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So you’ve heard of the Detroit band called DEATH that was formed in the 1970s?


Maybe you’ve read the New York Times article, or have read reviews in Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine, National Public Radio, The BBC, Melody Magazine and Dazed And Confused , The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press, Fader Magazine, or even the Howard Stern Show and you feel that you know the story.


Maybe you have heard the great and legendary release of the tracks recorded at Detroit’s United Sounds Recording Studio in 1974/1975 released in 2009 by Drag City Records entitled “FOR THE WHOLE WORLD TO SEE”.


Although all of the above is true and well written regarding the Death story, the half is still yet to be told. All we can tell you is that Death is a strange and wonderful story and all of it has to do with Rock-N-Roll.


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Bubba Da Skitso Aka Robert Deioma

Born and raised in Ohio. One of eight kids in a Catholic family. Singled out as a vocalist in grade school and hooked on performance ever since.


Moved to California to become a big star in ’85 at 22.  Started off focused on music, but also did a film or two and was actually starring in a play in the early 90s when his first big break came along for radio and V/O with Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton at KIIS fm. In the late 80’s, he was honored to be part of a project that won an “Addy” Award for advertising for which he performed a Rap in a TV Commercial for the New Mexico Power Industry. It was the “Whitest” Rap known to Man.  Before finding radio quite by accident, Bubba also managed to sign two separate recording contracts that had fallen apart before anything could come of them.


1994 came his first full time on-air “radio personality” position when Hamilton hired him as part the crew of his Morning Radio show at 99.1 KGGI in Riverside, CA where he performed not only as himself, but also an uncountable number of voice characters including about a half dozen recurring staple characters. Hamilton called again in ‘97, this time to work at Famous NYC radio station WKTU 103.5 where he reprised his numerous characters for the morning show there.


After leaving KGGI again in 2003, Bubba spent a rough number of years trying to make progress in this very competitive business without much to show for it.


In 2006, he decided to create something new “Code 4: Security Officer on Duty”.  His “Tagline”: Code 4 Security Officer on Duty is shot in front of absolutely no one, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, cause that’s where you’ve gotta be, when you’re the last line of defense.  He now has 9 webisodes online at, and many other sites that reach around the world. Created, Written, Produced and Starring various versions of Bubba.


Also during  mid and late 2000s, he managed to have a Christmas song titled “No Cash For Xmas!” released and went gold in Poland and is also available on,,, plus many others and joined BMI.


Lately however,  his web series “Code 4: Security Officer on Duty” which  has had a number of episodes screened in a number of International Film Festivals in 2010-11 including the Burbank International Film Festival (BIFF) and the “Who Likes Short Shorts” (WLSS) film festival in Salt Lake City, UT and have been invited back again in 2012.


Right now, he’s promoting a parody song  to the tune of Katie Perry’s “Firework” called “Out of Work” which is sort of his political statement about the current unemployment situation and how “We The People” are feeling about government and corporations.


Broadcast # 125


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A Band Called “Death” TODAY!

A Band Called “Death” Back In The Day!

Robert Deioma aka “Bubba Da Skitso”

Joye B. Moore