The Underground Experience Presents “WINTER CLEARANCE” WITH Uncle Earl

The Underground Experience Presents “WINTER CLEARANCE” WITH Uncle Earl


I will be digging deep into the archives on this one…..I have received so much music I can’t play it all but believe you me…..If I say it will be heard on my show…..IT WILL BE PLAYED!!!!!


Wednesday 1/9/13  on KCLA FM (99.3FM)  4PM (PST)

KCLA Listen Line: 323 461 6675

Thursday 1/10/13  on KLED Live FM (91.1FM)   9AM & 9PM (PST)


The Underground Experience Presents “WINTER CLEARANCE” with Uncle Earl

Musical Artists Include: Dolo The Bandit, Damsel ft. Stan Li/DJ Faze, BugZLux, Slice 9 ft. B.O.B/Young Dre/Future, Sir Magnus, March Into Paris, Rihanna, David Guetta & Alesso, Louinel Jean, Pit Bull & J-Lo, Steel ft. Monrovian Barbeez, Solveig & Stevie!


Broadcast # 155


Air Dates:

Wednesday 1/9/13 on KCLA FM (99.3 FM)

Thursday 1/10/13 on KLED Live FM (91.1 FM)


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Dolo The Bandit/AF ONE (Music Xray)

Damsel/Stan Li/DJ Faze (Timmy Emmanuel)

BugZLux (Sound Cloud)

Slice 9 (



Sir Magnus (Reverbnation)

Rihanna (

David Guetta



Louinel Jean (New National Melody) LinkedIn

Pitt Bull & J-Lo (

Steel ft. Monrovian Barbeez

Solvieg & Stevie (Music Xray)

March Into Paris (Reverbnation)

Kid De Luca

Young Dro

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