The Underground Experience Presents WWE’s $1,000,000 Tough Enough Champion Mr. Daniel Puder!

The Underground Experience Presents WWE’s $1,000,000 Tough Enough Champion Mr. Daniel Puder!


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The Underground Experience Presents WWE’s $1,000,000 Tough Enough Champion Mr. Daniel Puder!

Join Uncle Earl & Daniel as we discuss his Book and Organization: “My Life My Power”

My Life My Power is a youth empowerment program that encourages leadership, goal setting, character building, and peer mentoring! Through the My Life My Power program, we maintain an emphasis on anti-bullying while also addressing the following:

Suicide/Self-Mutilation, Dropouts/Truancy, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Eating Disorders, Teen Pregnancy, Gang Violence, Childhood Obesity, Homelessness, Financial Illiteracy, and Physical and Mental Disorders.

The reason My Life My Power is addressing all of these other topics in addition to bullying goes back to the fact that there is an underlying issue going on in the lives of these children and teenagers that causes them to bully others. The lack of knowledge that our youth has when it comes to some of these issues is alarming and through the My Life My Power book, we believe that each of these areas must be addressed in order to combat the central issue of bullying.

Daniel Puder who founded My Life My Power is the only undefeated heavy weight MMA fighter and is also the Champion of the WWE’s $1,000,000 Tough Enough. But, amidst his recent successes in life, he was not always viewed by others as a winner. Due to his placement in a special education program, he became an easy target for bullying which caused his own self worth and self confidence to suffer tremendously. 

Luckily, he was able to surround myself with positive influences and throughout his career as an MMA fighter, Daniel has had the privilege of meeting hundreds of successful individuals who have shared their own valuable keys to success. It is the combination of his own successes along with the successes of others that he would like to share with you in order for you to realize your true potential in life and to be able to use your own strengths to reach new levels of achievement in your own personal life, in the classroom, and in your future!

“It doesn’t matter what you’re born with- it’s what you do with what you have.” -Daniel Puder

Brittney Lozano is the Executive Director of My Life My Power. In 2009, Brittney received a Bachelor of Science Degree with a minor in business marketing from California State University, Northridge. Brittney grew up in a family of educators. Her father has been a Chief Administrator for over 25 years and her mother and sister are both teachers. Brittney has over five years experience in working with numerous children’s programs, including after-school and summer school programs.

It was while working with youth, Brittney discovered her true passion for helping young people reach their full potential. Using the guidance and values taught to her by her parents, which are similar to the tools provided in the My Life My Power book, Brittney has been a role model and mentor to young people of all ages.

With Brittney’s strong leadership skills and enthusiastic personality, the My Life My Power team has been able to create an effective program for our youth, as well as develop a marketing brand that will reach out to educators and parents alike, encouraging them to create a positive environment for future generations.


Musical Artists Include: Dan Puder & Bob America, Billy Craig, The Pico Youth & Family Center, Franco & The Dreadnought, Trip Hazard, Eli Palacios, White Arrows, Tone Puppets!


Air Date: Monday, July 9th, 2012 @ 9AM (PST) & 9PM (PST)

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