The Underground Experience Presents “Xmas Presence” Volume 1 & Ebony Cabaret Vintage Holiday Dinner Show!

The Underground Experience Presents “Xmas Presence” Volume 1



Wednesday 12/19/12  on KCLA FM (99.3FM)  4PM (PST)


KCLA Listen Line: 323 461 6675


Thursday 12/20/12  on KLED Live FM (91.1FM)  9AM & 9PM (PST)


***ALSO…..Don’t Forget To Join UNCLE EARL & THE PLAYERS OF DESIREE PARKMAN’S “EBONY CABARET VINTAGE HOLIDAY” Variety Dinner Show 8PM  Thursday, December 20th @ M BAR in Hollywood!***

                                                                                                     (DETAILS IN FLYER BELOW)


The Underground Experience Presents “Xmas Presence” Volume 1


Hey Hey Hey Ladies & Gentlemen Join Uncle Earl For An Underground Sleigh Ride Through The Sounds & Fun Of Xmas Over The Hills Of Genre And Through The Valley Of Stylez!


Musical Artists Include: Promise Marks, Sam McClian, Chris & Chris, Sufjan Stevens, Said The Whale, Friday Night Music Club, Nohtimo, Lloyd MacHardy, Leila Ft. Funkee Boi, Rosie Thomas, Fiction Family, Kanat, Kid de Luca, La Fuente & Giovanni!


Special Thanks To MusicXray, Musik & Film, Noisetrade, Entraxx Reords & Reverbnation


Broadcast # 152


Air Dates:


Wednesday 12/19/12 on KCLA FM (99.3 FM)


Thursday 12/20/12 on KLED Live FM (91.1 FM)


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Podcast will be available on iTunes. Podomatic and Website!


Nohtimo (MusicXray)

Promise Marks (Reverbnation)

Friday Night Music Club (Noisetrade)

Sam McClain (Musik & Film)

Lloyd MacHardy (MusicXray)

Chris & Chris (MusicXray)

Leila Ft. Funkee Boi

Sufjan Stevens (Noisetrade)


Said The Whale

Kid de Luca (Entraxx Records)

Fiction Family (Noisetrade)

La Fuente

Giovanni Bottai

Ebony Cabaret Vintage Holiday Cabaret