The Underground Experience & Uncle Earl Presents JOYCE ” Wonder Woman DJ” PARKER & M. ELIZABETH POPE!

The Underground Experience & Uncle Earl Presents JOYCE ” Wonder Woman DJ” PARKER & M. ELIZABETH POPE!

The Underground Experience & Uncle Earl Celebrates Women’s Month Featuring

Exceptional Women & Those Who Admire Them!

Special Guest: JOYCE ” Wonder Woman DJ” PARKER

Special Excerpt Readings From Poet/Artist -M. ELIZABETH POPE! 

Musical Artists: The Temptations, Hamilton Bohannon, The Chilites ft. The Legendary Marshall Thompson, Holle Thee Maxwell, Bloodstone, Antonio Jackson, Fathers Children 


Joyce Parker, ( AKA) DJ Wonder Woman launched her own web site Wonder Marketing & Referral Service in 2008 after being a successful mobile DJ  for over 25 years and an employee of The City of Chicago Department of Public Health.

Joyce Parker attended Columbia College with a major in radio communications and marketing.

She is no slouch to the broadcasting field. She has hosted her own radio show ” Blues For lovers Only” on WSSD- 88.1 FM in Chicago and worked as a free lance disc jockey beginning in 1979 in the most exciting clubs and banquet halls in Chicago and the  surrounding areas.

Some of those clubs were ; Strictly  Business Night Club, Seagulls, Sauers, The Pony Express ,

The Hot City Disco and The Sexty Sex Lounge.

She has  also played for following  city organizations : The Chicago Department of Public Health,

The Chicago Police Department, The Chicago Public Library and for the  public employees union AFSCME.

DJ  Wonder Woman was presented the NO. 1 Disc Jockey Club Certificate by The Larlin Music Association and WJPC Radio Station for 1986-1987 and in 2006 presented an  Outstanding DJ Award by Larlin Music Association.

In 2010 DJ Wonder Woman co-produced & co arranged with Roger Weaver a CD project “Killing Me Softly With Her Song” for an up & coming recording artist.

Currently she is the C.E.O. of Wonder Marketing & Referral Service. The web site that was design to help the average person find practical businesses,legal services, home improvements,

entertainment,  concerts,  birthday wishes and much more without flipping through the  yellow pages.

We even went one step beyond by adding a “Free” information bulletin board to help you find information fast. Registration and membership is “Free”

If you are a business ,entertainer, recording artist or in the performing arts , then Wonder

Marketing & Referral Service can help you increase your product productivity by showcasing your business or product in our referraldatabase system, music promotions and marketing.

Coming Soon The Following Services; Music Consultant / partnership with music producer, Darnell Parks ( DP 21 Music Group) For:

1. Brand Awareness

2. Product / demo Review

3. Career refinement

4. Song writing ( lyrics/ beats)

6. Artists will be able to purchase music for their next demo or CD project

7. Artist development

Wonder Marketing & Referral Services will also include the following ;

1. Copyright Information

2. Artists will be able to upload their music

to Wonder Marketing & Referral Service

3. Purchase concert tickets from the web site

4. Purchase artist merchandise

5. Internet marketing for their music

In the midst of incorporating these above services, during the month of February 2013

Joyceworked in collaboration with Lacy Darryl Phillips ,singer, actor , songwriter and radio host

( AKA Uncle Earl) of Internet radio station KLED Live FM in California. The project was a concept for “The Black History Month Music Series”


Joyce Parker  still finds time to be  DJ  Wonder Woman.

Just ask DJ Wonder Woman !!!

Wonder Marketing & Referral Service



M. ELIZABETH POPE (1944- 2009)

There are no words to describe M. Elizabeth Pope, but one could still try. Born in 1944 in Ohio then raised in Santa Barbara.

M. Elizabeth Pope was raised in a family of storytellers and artist. She grow to become an artist of astonishing talent. A student of higher education and life M. Elizabeth Pope exhibited great promise in her professional life, while she did a great deal of public service.

Gifted with amultitude of skills and aptitudes acquired from life encounters she went on to paint and write the most profound works of her life. From the smallest poem to her novels, each work is imbued with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Her works are full of ideas about the human condition and how to best serve humanity.

In August of 2009 the rare and precious jewel which was M. ElizabethPope passed away, but her work still lives on to help make a difference in this world.


I was born in Texas in 1974 and was raised in Santa Barbara and Southern California. I was home-schooled before advancing to a private school and higher education. I studied art, history, and architecture. Inspired by my mother’s artwork and storytelling, I became an abstract expressionist artist and writer. I also traveled extensively and that allowed me to meet new people and see the world through others’ eyes.

I became ill and as I recovered, I soon realized I wanted something special out of life. I returned to my first love of art and writing. I became the creative partner to my mother until her passing. I now live and work in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Joyce with the late DJ Empire One

Joyce at backyard party

Joyce At Work

M. Elizabeth Pope

Monteque Pope-Le Beau

The Temptations

Hamilton Bohannon

The Legendary Marshall Thompson & The Chi-Lites

Holle Thee Maxwell


Antonio Jackson

Father’s Children