“The Underground Experience with Uncle Earl” Presents Actor/Rap Artist Derek ‘Dialysus’ Simmons!

Wednesday 3/28/12  4pm (PST) on KCLA & Thursday 3/29/12  9am (PST)/9pm (PST) on KLED Live

“The Underground Experience with Uncle Earl” Presents Actor/Rap Artist Derek ‘Dialysus’ Simmons!

Derek Simmons – DMoney – DialySuS

Born on March 12, 1989…and that’s when it started! A lot of people probably wonder how or why I have the name “DialySuS.” Well at first, I had the name DMoney. This was a nickname given to me by many of my peers. It was a chain reaction, one person, then another, and then everyone! However, due to life experiences, and advice from my older brother, I decided that DialySuS would be a better fit.

At the age of 10

I was diagnosed with a kidney disease. This disease became worse over the years, and in February of 2006 I had to go on dialysis. This was an everyday thing for awhile. I was hooked up to a machine 10 hours a day, 7 days a week. Dialysis is “the process by which uric acid and urea are removed from circulating blood by means of a dialyzer. ” In a sense, you could say that dialysis “flushes” out your system. I like to think of the hip hop world as a “system.”

A lot of artists nowadays use inappropriate language in their songs.

I, “DialySuS, pride myself in saying that i don’t curse in my songs. In a way, I say that I am “flushing” out the hip hop system, therefore, giving myself the name DialySuS. With much prayer, family, and friend support, I was lucky enough to have a perfect match for a new kidney: My father. On July 12, 2006 I had a kidney transplant at St. Barnabas Hospital. After 6 other surgeries I was finally released from the hospital on August 26, 2006.

After I was released, I wrote a song about my life and received a lot of compliments.

This encouraged me to keep going and I feel I got better and better with time. Now, I am where i’m at today. “I been through the pain, i been through the tears, held it down for myself, and held it down for my peers, I been through the struggle, i been through it all they tried to knock me down, but I’m still standin tall” SO NOW….SHOW ME SOME LOVE!

Musical Artists Include:Derek ‘Dialysus’ Simmons, Anthony Alongi, J. Dash & Lara Johnston, Rael Borg vs Janet Jackson!

Also…….Mark this date down now April 3rd, 2012.. Black Angel Down EP released world wide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Marishka Phillips Theatrical Preparatory Presents

“Pandora’s Box” – A Singer’s Acting Workshop

In association with Maritri Garrett.

Over the course of three classes, singers will learn how to tell their stories through images. After singer choses their song, I will find three layers to drop the singer into their truth and build their fourth wall.

Beginners and Seasoned Singers are welcome!

April 9th, 11th & 13th

6PM – 9PM

Registration fee is $150 for all three classes!!!

To sign up please email me at: marishkagoddess@gmail.com


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Anthony Alongi

J. Dash & Lara Johnston

Lara Johnston

Rael Borg

Janet Jackson

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Derek ‘Dialysus’ Simmons