Wed 11/9 & Thurs 11/10 – The Underground Experience Presents “Uncle Earl’s Grab Bag Special # 1!”

Wed 11/9 & Thurs 11/10 – The Underground Experience Presents “Uncle Earl’s Grab Bag Special # 1!”

This week NYC “Wonder Boys” Rock Band NEVEREVEN & Internet Comedy Duo ARI ECKER and JOE YAKACKI of “FUNNY FOR MONEY”

Joe Yakacki

Since Joe “The Face” Yakacki was born, he has been cursed with great good looks and those devastating baby blues. The nurse who took him to his first crib left her card in his diaper. Now Joe is returning to Show Biz. His career started by landing an internship on The Drew Carey Show. Without any prior experience, Joe’s talents were immediately recognized and was named “Head Wiper”, in charge of cleaning Carey’s glasses. It sounds like a cushy job, but Drew was a closet lens-ophiliac. Joe finally had to quit over artistic spritzing differences.

Ari Ecker

Ari is a former teenage stand up comic who made it as far as auditioning for a Nickelodeon talent agency. He was not picked up. Ari has been doing karate since he was a toddler. He now has a black belt, but only because it has never been washed in 23 years. After years of personal rejection, Ari bought an airline ticket to a singles retreat in Peoria. Because of a typing error he ended up in Peking. Making the best of it, Ari spent a year using the stairs of the Great Wall of China to train for the International Slinky Champion-ships in Singapore. He ended up coming in 634th but once again Ari found the silver lining in the experience by realizing he was also allergic to MSG.

Ari met Joe at Northeastern University and immediately became a huge annoyance in Joe’s life. This still remains true today. After leaving school, Ari worked for the Durham Bulls and Joe for Ecker was the Multimedia Coordinator and Yakacki was in charge of online advertising. Because of their vast life experiences, they are both now perfectly qualified to become the hosts of The Funny For Money News. That’s why they co-founded Funny For Money and they hope they will never have to have a real job ever again.


NEVEREVEN…….. The name shouts out what you’re in for even before you hear the first kick-in-the-face chords: It’s a dual-headed beast, copping from the classics while looking far into the future of rock. The onslaught of Nevereven’s rhythm section gets your head bobbing before it dawns on you that you’re thrashing to something crazy-complicated. The songs may evoke the legends of metal and even prog-rock intricacies, but these sweeping epics have all miraculously been distilled down to a few minutes each. In other words, Nevereven is ready to dominate the airwaves without budging an inch to satisfy corporate shills. Nevereven is taking back a New York Rock scene that’s been beaten down like an unwanted stepchild. Listen, and you’ll be transported to some grimy dive in NYC, far away from the gleam of Times Square and sleaze of Wall Street. Real Rock is back in New York. It’s been a long time!

Musical Artists Include: Andy Sartori, Jelixa, Tha Foe Headed Monsta, Kacy Davis & Nevereven!

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Ari & Joe

Andy Sartori


Tha Foe Headed Monsta

Kacy Davis