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Hello All Underground Dwellers…..I want to call your attention to RICHARD ROSSEREntertainer, children’s author, musical composer, motivational speaker and creator of “Piggy Nation” ….. a series of books that present a positive message to kids AND parents in an amusing update of the “golden rule.”

Richard Rosser – Creator of “Piggy Nation”

Entertainer, children’s author, cartoonist, musical composer and motivational speaker Richard Rosser has taken on the task of ridding the world of “piggy behavior” and bad etiquette. After watching someone take a parking space from his mother-in-law, Rosser decided it was enough! No more drivers parking in two spaces. No more dogs pooping on neighbors’ lawns. No more leaving the toilet seat up. No more texting while driving. No more cell phones ringing in the movie theatre.

Rosser is the creator of “Piggy Nation,” a series of children’s books that focus on piggy behavior and presenting a positive message to youngsters in an amusing update of the “Golden Rule.” “Piggy Nation” was launched in 2010 with “Piggy Nation The Musical,” which was performed by middle school students at The Pierson Playhouse in Pacific Palisades, California.

Momentum is rapidly mounting for “Piggy Nation” with the creation of a comic strip (already appearing in the Oklahoma City Sunday Oklahoman) and his newest children’s chapter book “Piggy Nation: Let’s Go Camping.”

Having worked in children’s programming at Nickelodeon and The Disney Channel, Rosser notes that his children’s books are a natural outlet to vent his frustration with piggy behavior. Teaming with illustrator Shane Sowell (The Simpsons, King of the Hill), the two have created a family of fun characters and real-life situations.

Rosser performs and speaks at school assemblies, community groups, civic clubs and organizations.

Musical Artists Include: The Cast of Piggy Nation, Fang-I Lui & The Grown Ups! 

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