Digital Hollywood Content Summit LA” Spring Series #1

THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE Presents “Digital Hollywood Content Summit LA” Spring Series #1

Hello Underground Dwellers……Uncle Earl Is bringing you a glimpse into the world of new business, technology and entertainment professionals who are revolutionizing the World! It was a 4 Day symposium of knowledge, wisdom and understanding!


Musical Artists: Excellent, Predikadores Y Kyoto Beats ft. LA Santa Trinidad, Leagues, Spirit Family Reunion, Fol Chen, The Virginmarys, Sheldon Botler & Ozomatli!

Interviews Include: Marty Shindler (The Shindler Perspective), Joy Macko (Apache Tah Creative), Jan Iverson (G.I.A), Medl Mobile, Glenn H. Clarke (CieAura), Tess Cacciatore (GWEN),The Mystery Man Dean & Sheldon Botler!


Air Date:  5/9/13  


Broadcast # 174

Duration: 1:00:00