THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE & UNCLE EARL Presents “Digital Hollywood Summit Series LA Series #2

Saturday  5/11/13  on KLED Live FM (91.1 FM) 9AM & 9PM (PST)


THE UNDERGROUND EXPERIENCE & UNCLE EARL Presents “Digital Hollywood Summit Series LA Series #2


Woop…..Here It Is!!!!!!!!!!

Yet And Still Another Installation From The Incredible Week Long Symposium Of Business, Technology, Entertainment & Networking!

Interviews & Panels Include: Damon Wayans, Steve Masur, Cleveland O’Neal, Martin Perlmutter, Naomi Grange, Sarah Miller, Wally Sabria, Tim Alexander, Nancy Stone & Others


Music Artists Include: John Legend & Rick Ross, Josh Rouse, 5 M.I.C.-Z, The Bleeding Game, 

Pit Bull & J Lo!



Lacy Darryl Phillips aka Uncle Earl Launched EARL HITZ RECORDS Published in PACE NEWS 5/10/13


Performance with URBAN ARTS THEATER WEST “Visiting Day” -Tuesday, May 14th @A-MAN,Incorporated in Inglewood,CA.


Repeat Performance of “SUGAR, DADDY & SIDEKICK”  – Thursday, May 16th @ Casa de Grandview with Wally Holmes & Ava DuPree after a stellar debut at The  Las Vegas Hotel’s 1st annual Blues, Jazz & Gospel Festival in March.


Uncle Earl & The Cast Of “Ebony Cabaret” will be joining The Hollywood Fringe Festival – June 9, 13 & 19 2013 @ 3 Of Clubs in Hollywood!

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Saturday 5/11/13  on KLED Live FM (91.1 FM) 9AM & 9PM (PST)


Broadcast # 175


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Damon Wayans

Cleveland O’Neal

Martin Perlmutter

Wally Sabria, SVP – The Axis Agency

Naomi Grange

Sarah Miller

Steve Masur

Nancy Stone

Uncle Earl & Tim Alexander

John Legend

Rick Ross

Josh Rouse

5 M.I.C-Z

The Bleeding Rose

Pit Bull

J Lo

Sugar, Daddy & Sidekick

UATW/Stephen Semien

Ebony Cabaret @ Fringe Festival

Coming To LA June 2013